Sold out by the Traitors Below??? Fact? CORRIB and Oil … but who profits?

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The Corrib gas field off Mayo is already raking in millions for the foreign companies that were handed it on a plate by our useless politicians. The people of Rossport put up a gallant fight and they and all those courageous activists who supported them were brutally treated by the Irish state and it’s police and judges. You can speculate why the politicians we elected to look after our interests decided to give away our wealth. Corruption? Ignorance? Incompetence? Stupidity? Treason? The performance of the Corrib gas field is exceeding expectations. Canadian company, Vermilion Energy owns 18.5pc of the field and based on Vermilion’s Corrib sales between January and the end of March of this year, the total sales from the field for the three partners would be $241m (€160m). The €160m equates to sales of €1.7MILLION daily from the Corrib gas field. The sales for the first quarter follow sales of $589m from the first year of production (2016). This money belongs to the people of Ireland. Vermilion has stated previously that its investment in the field will be a significant source of fund flows for Vermilion “stemming from its relatively high-priced gas product”. Shell E&P Ireland Ltd has received €186m in tax credits since the project’s inception. Shell has a 45pc share in the field with its two partners – Statoil having a 36.5pc share and Vermilion owning the remaining 18.5pc share. So Vermilion from Canada, Shell, a Dutch/British company and Statoil from Norway are already making hundreds of millions from the THEFT of our gas and into the future will steal BILLIONS of our wealth. Fianna Fáil started the giveaway and we know for a fact that Ray Burke accepted bribes. Under various Taoisigh, including Ahern, Cowan and of course – shamefully for a local Mayo man, Kenny the theft was allowed and encouraged. Along with Fianna Fáil and the Blueshirts, the Green Party, the PD’s and the Labour Party all played their part. Yet when Pat Rabbitte or Alex White appear almost daily in the media they are never questioned about this disgraceful act of treason. We need to start electing politicians who will put the interests of our country and of our people first. The Corrib and other oil and gas fields need to be nationalized and the wealth shared by our citizens. And the above mentioned politicians and the others who colluded with them put on trial and put behind bars in chains.

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