There is a eerie Silence concerning this Latest Development, but Believe me, the Monk, if he goes down, will take more with him; this is Far from Over??? Some Gardai, are experience no Sleep at night, Panic Attacks and inordinate Stress. Wonder Why???

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Former garda held over alleged links to the Hutch mob

Officers were ‘stunned’ to find €600,000-worth of cannabis at property linked to the suspect

The former garda is linked to a gang headed by Gerry

The former garda is linked to a gang headed by Gerry Hutch

October 03 2021 02:30 AM

A large consignment of drugs and cash was uncovered at a property linked to a retired senior garda, who remains in custody this weekend under suspicion of working for the Hutch organised crime gang.

Cannabis valued at €600,000 and €47,000 in cash was seized in the vicinity of the retired officer’s home during a Garda raid at his north Dublin property on Wednesday, it is understood.

As part of the same probe, two serving gardaí are also under investigation for providing intelligence from the Pulse garda intelligence system to the retired officer. The north Dublin garda station where these two officers are based was also raided on Wednesday, as were their homes.

One of the two officers has since been suspended. The other officer, who is of inspector rank, remains unsuspended.

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