Sources inform us the Flower Romance is Starting to Crack, Drinking Heavy and Fighting, but What about the Missing Amy???

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TRUE ROMAHONCE Killer Dave Mahon buys flowers for wife Audrey but won’t apologise for stepson’s murder

Our reporter asks Mahon if he is sorry and is later followed and told to clear off

Killer Dave Mahon with a large bouquet of flowers for partner Audrey.

Killer Dave Mahon with a large bouquet of flowers for partner Audrey.

August 01 2021 08:30 AM

Killer DAVE Mahon bought a large bouquet of flowers for partner Audrey after his release from prison for killing her son – but he declined to apologise for stabbing Dean (23) to death when the Sunday World asked if he wished to do so.

Our exclusive pictures show Mahon ambling happily ­towards Audrey’s council house in the tourist town of Carrick-on-Shannon this week – moments behind his partner and the mother of the child he knifed to death.

But the besotted pair’s seemingly blissful contentment turned to anger and prompted Audrey and a male pal to follow our reporter by car for more than 15km, after we approached Dave and asked him about the killing of his stepson.

As Mahon rounded the corner ­entering the estate, a large bouquet of flowers in hand, our reporter ­approached on foot, and after politely identifying himself, asked a series of questions.

“Are you happy to be out of prison?” our reporter asked.

Dave Mahon refuses to say sorry for killing Audrey’s son of 23 years.

Dave Mahon refuses to say sorry for killing Audrey’s son of 23 years.

However, a stony-faced ­Mahon did not give a reply to the ­question.

“Would you like to say sorry for what happened with Dean?”

Again, no comment.

“You’re obviously happy to be back with Audrey?” Our ­reporter persisted – indicating to the upside-down bouquet he had.

But Mahon did not reply.

Audrey at the council home she has been doing up to live with Dave Mahon.

Audrey at the council home she has been doing up to live with Dave Mahon.

“Okay, well thanks for your time,” our reporter said, before going back to his car and leaving.

Bizarrely though, as he drove out, Audrey and an ­elderly male pal followed his car, in an old 02-registered ­Volkswagen Passat.

Entering Carrick-on-Shannon town, our reporter pulled over, only for the driver and Audrey to pull in directly behind him.

Our reporter went up to them and asked if they wished to speak to him but Audrey replied from the passenger seat: “I’ve nothing to say to the likes of you.”

Our reporter asked why they were following him if they did not wish to speak to him, only for the driver to shout: “Drive the f*** on.’

Our reporter responded that it would be more ­appropriate for the Volkswagen to pull out first as their car was following his.

However, he was again told to: “Drive the f*** on.”

Having waited a short time to see if the pair would desist, our reporter pulled into traffic only for the pair to pull out behind him.

Our man then drove through Carrick-on-Shannon and onwards towards his destination.

Again, the aging Volkswagen carrying the pair followed and continued along the N4 until the approach to a turn-off near Boyle.

 Dean and his baby Leon with Audrey and Dave.

The 02 Volkswagen, perhaps struggling to maintain the steady 90km speed our reporter was travelling at, then dropped off.

Dean and his baby Leon with Audrey and Dave.

Audrey’s furious reaction to that pproaching the pair seemed at odds with the plentiful media interviews the pair have carried out in the past.

It was revealed, ­earlier this week, how killer Dave walked free from Wheatfield Prison in Dublin at around 9am on Wednesday, having served five years for stabbing his stepson Dean to death in May 2013.

Mahon was released a day early to link up with Audrey, whose only other child, daughter Amy (15), mysteriously disappeared on New Year’s Day 2008 from the home the teen shared in Spain with the controversial couple.

Missing Amy.

Missing Amy.

Christine Kenny, Amy’s aunt, who has led the paternal side of the family’s search for the missing teenager, insists that both Mahon and Audrey should be reinterviewed about what they know about her disappearance.

They were interviewed by Spanish police after Amy went missing as part of the natural inquiry. “They should be interviewed again separately, and anything could come out of it,” said Christine.

“The Spanish police need to get this cold case going. Nothing can be done for Dean now anymore, but we can still find out exactly what happened to Amy.”

Audrey and Dave in Spain.

Audrey and Dave in Spain.

She also claimed Mahon had a mystery scratch mark on his face in the days after Amy’s disappearance and he has never fully explained how it happened.

“He claimed he did it to ­himself,” she said. She also said that she and her family are furious that ­Mahon was let out a day early, in an apparent bid to evade the media.

“We were officially told he was getting out on July 29, as late as last week,” she said. “Why did they change it without telling us. Supposing one of the family bumped into him in the shops or wherever and had no knowledge he was out.”

A Prison Services spokesperson said in a statement: “We do not comment on individual cases.”

Neighbour’s in the estate where Audrey is living this week told the Sunday World they were unhappy at having the killer in their estate.

Dave Mahon going to jail for the killing of his own step-son.

Dave Mahon going to jail for the killing of his own step-son.

“People don’t want him here,” said one lady.

“Would you want someone who stabbed his own stepson living on your door-step?”

Audrey (53) has been renovating her home in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim, as she prepared for Dave’s release from prison.

Earlier this month we revealed how Audrey had told locals that Mahon would be moving in.

The couple have plans to eventually move back to Spain, where Mahon is believed to own a house.


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