Vickery is flying back to England, many long years Await him in a English Cell; meantme Daniel is watching with Interest from his Bunker in Dubai???

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Video: Moment senior Kinahan cartel associate Gary Vickery is arrested in Lanzarote

Officers had monitored Vickery for hours while he was on bar terrace before swooping on the fugitive, Robin Schiller writes

October 22 2021 10:47 AM

This is the moment Spanish police officers arrested a senior Kinahan cartel associate wanted for his role in a multi-million euro cocaine shipment network.

Dublin man Gary Vickery (38) had previously pleaded guilty to having a leading involvement in conspiring to import class A and B drugs worth at least €27m into the UK.

(Photo: Guardia Civil)

(Photo: Guardia Civil)

He is due to be sentenced with two other accused, high-level Kinahan member Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh and Daniel Canning from Walkinstown in the capital.

However, a warrant was issued for Vickery’s arrest after he failed to appear before Ipswich Crown Court on several occasions, claiming he couldn’t get a PCR test.

On Wednesday, he was finally arrested by the Guardia Civil at a pub in Lanzarote following a lengthy surveillance operation.

Officers had been monitoring Vickery for hours while he was on the bar’s terrace before swooping on the fugitive.

Images of the arrest, released by the police force, show several officers surrounding Vickery who is wearing a baseball cap, grey t-shirt and navy shorts.

Another image shows police taking the Kinahan associate’s fingerprints as he is processed after being detained.

He appeared before a Spanish Court yesterday on foot of extradition proceedings back to the UK to face sentencing. and has been remanded in custody.

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