Glasgow: COP26, a fews days to go. Panorama tonight was about Coca Cola. The Philippines is their largest market but waste is acres and acres of plastic bottles. Congo the same. No school for children as mothers trawl the waste for 10 hours to earn $1. Coca Cola target over decade+ to use 30% recyclable “pet” in their sales. This is not good enough; especially in South America and Africa, these bottles are burned so imagine the unquantifiable impact to CO2. We need this on the COP26 agenda now. Coca cola has $20 billion in profits. They are endorsing slavery to commerce in these acreages of waste. We too easily forget that plastic is in fact fossil fuels origin.

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Mike Pannett, Author, TV Doc-Drama Consultant @MikePannett · Just watching Shocking . @BBCPanorama . @BBCOne So much for . @CocaCola_GB . @CocaCola to do. We’ve got to look after our planet. BBC One – Panorama, Coca-Cola’s 100 Billion Bottle Problem Panorama investigates Coca-Cola’s promises to crack down on plastic waste.

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