A Mob of Women; Dublin is Officially a Lawless City. Women carrying Hammers and Golf Clubs? Women Thugs … beating up others with socks filled with snooker balls. How could this happen in Ireland or anywhere?

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Mob storms home of gang boss Mr Flashy’s ex-partner in savage hammer attack

The victim was beaten with hammers, golf clubs and even socks filled with snooker balls

Click for Sound Footage of drugs, guns and ammunition seized in Finglas raid

This is the shock moment a mob of women stormed a house — to attack the ex-partner of infamous gang boss Mr Flashy.

Videos show the full extent of the brutal attack over the weekend — in which the victim was beaten with hammers, golf clubs and even socks filled with snooker balls.

Sources have confirmed that the woman who received the brutal beating on Friday night in north Dublin is an ex-partner of Mr Flashy — one of the city’s most dangerous criminals.

The attack happened in the Finglas area of the capital on Friday evening — and sources said it was a planned ambush.

The shocking footage shows as many as six women involved in the attack — which starts with one of them calmly knocking on the door.

It’s understood a young child opened the door to her and she was immediately attacked with a barrage of eggs.

Flashy’s ex then came out of the house in a bid to stop the attack and the mob then set on her.

The footage then shows at least four women surrounding the helpless victim and launching a sickening attack on her.

She is seen to be dragged to the ground in between two cars and is repeatedly kicked, punched and beaten with weapons in an attack that lasts more than 30 seconds.

One woman is seen to smack her with a hammer around 10 times before most of the mob escapes.

But two women stay on to continue the attack and the victim is repeatedly kicked as she lies on the ground.

The remaining two women finally leave the scene and the victim manages to stagger to her feet.

And, despite suffering the brutal attack, she then tries to chase down the mob — who run from the area.

Gardai last night said they were called to an incident at the house in Finglas on Friday night.

But a spokesman added no complaints had been received — although they are investigating it.

The spokesman said: “Gardaí attended the scene and spoke to those present.

“No complaint received and no offences disclosed.

“Inquiries are ongoing.”

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