Gardai allow themselves, to be used as Pawns, on behalf of the Private Investors, as one person said, its a War out there at present???

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Gardaí called to city centre stand-off as building occupiers take to roof after attempted eviction 

A group of people who had been occupying a vacant premises on Prussia Street in Dublin’s north inner city have said they were ejected from it before daybreak when up to 20 men arrived and entered while making demands that they get out.

A stand-off was continuing this evening when a number of people who were occupying the building made their way to the roof and refused to come down.

Gardaí were called to the scene shortly after 7am when the incident happened.

It is understood the building had been vacant for a number of years but had been occupied by around 10 to 15 people in recent times who took it over along with a yard beside it.

The Community Action Tenants Union (CATU) group alleged on its Twitter account that people’s belongings were smashed up in what it said was a “violent eviction”.

It called for a protest at the site at 6pm this evening.

Today one of the people who lived at the site said he was asleep in a room in the property at around 7am this morning when he heard banging and a group of around six men burst into the room and demanded he leave.

He claimed they would not identify themselves and some had their faces covered, and they started breaking up the furniture, the belongings of the people in the building, and started pulling down wooden buildings in the yard.

He said the struggle between the occupants and the men trying to clear the area continued until a situation was reached where people were allowed to retrieve personal belongings but others maintained their occupation of the roof despite efforts of the men to get them down.

He reported that one person was injured and taken to hospital, and the man showed his own hands which were bloodied and plastered across the fingers.

The group of men later left in white vans.

A garda spokesman said gardaí from the Bridewell attended at a property on Prussia Street this morning where a property owner, in compliance with a court order, was securing a premises and facilitating access to persons to remove personal items.

“A group of people gathered at the scene, some of whom commenced to engage in purported protest activity,” the spokesman said.

“A traffic management operation was put in place and the road was closed temporarily for public safety. The matter has since concluded and the road has fully reopened to traffic.

“No arrests were made at the scene and there was no reports of any injuries, however An Garda Síochána will carry out further investigations into certain activities arising from the incident.”

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