World; its love affair with avocados. Former President Bill Clinton introduced NAFTA in 1993 opening up the US market to avocados. Did he ever envisage how entangled the mere avocado would become with Mexican drug cartels? COP26 surely must include the lucrative trade in agricultural products which in effect faciliate the market in illegal drug trade. Drug Cartels should be on the COP26 Agenda. Otoniel, the modern day Escobar has been captured and will be extradited to the US. The underbelly of Climate Change is inextricably linked to organised crime. Extortion or Piso is what they call the dues paid to the cartel in Mexico. These must be held accountable for crimes committed but also for their impact on emissions of C02.

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ALJAZEERA. President Ivan Duque: Otoniel’s capture-a victory, likening it to the arrest 3 decades ago of the notorious Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. “It is the biggest blow against drug trafficking in our country this century”. Otoniel Global Supplier Cocaine will be extradited to the US. COP26, do not forget to include countries like Colombia and Mexico when tackling emissions and targets to be met?

Business Insider @BusinessInsider Avocados are a $2.4 billion dollar business in Mexico. Behind the scenes, farmers are trading equipment for guns and forming vigilante groups to defend themselves against dangerous drug cartels.

The true cost of avocados Avocados are a $2.4 billion business in Mexico. That kind of cash has attracted drug cartels who are stealing land and forcing farmers to hand over their profits. From Business Insider

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