Only a few years ago we had two incidents, one in Donnybrook, the other in Finglas. First let’s go to Donnybrook after a school boy (private school) Rugby match; those entitled young men go to Kiely’s and cause Mayhem. The pub was wrecked. In the meantime back in Finglas, two young men were caught by Gardai with a small bag of grass worth 20 euros. These young men were charged and convicted in the Children’s Court, two months later. One now works for the Council and one has just finished his Degree. I say Well Done against All Odds. In the meantime, the Daddies and Grandfathers in the legal circle and business elite went to Kiely’s opened their fat wallets and no charges were brought against these young Private Thugs. The sad thing is the boys from Finglas can never get a work visa for the US. I ask Why the elite can be above the law?

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