Well Drew, here is a Photo of Gardai at the Eviction, and taking Part also??? Now former Commander of the RUC any Comment???

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See the source image

  · Here’s a picture of the Garda, Harris has the gall to say, were not involved in an apparent ILLEGAL eviction yesterday. Yes, they are all sitting around playing Bingo with the residents, nice and peaceful like. . …Well, that’s what Harris wants us all to think? Time for him to resign before he’s fired by the next government?

May be an image of 5 people, outdoors and text that
        says 'Chay Bowes @BowesChay 8h In most parts of #Dublin a Pizza
        will get to your house faster than the Gardai. But if your a
        @fiannafailparty donor and Property Developer, it seems you can
        have 7 squad cars, the helicopter and 20+ Gardai to help get
        your high value Rental show on the road. #howirelandworks

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