As We Said yesterday, the McGrath Property Group, are Fianna Fail Donors. They have full backing to bring in Hooded Thugs, as Gardai watch on, like Muppets? How much Cash changed hands here; the Boys are back in Town, not Bertie, but Mehole Martin, the Great Leader, in his own Devious Mind???

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Paul Murphy TD 

At 7am yesterday private security barged into 23 Prussia Street, kicking out the residents breaking the toilet, cupboards and everything they could, to stop them moving back in. A garda helicopter and seven garda vans were on the scene, backing them up Now it turns out this property is owned by the ‘McGrath Group’ of property developer PJ McGrath – a Fianna Fail donor according to the Independent. This says it all about the Irish state. It’s the landlords who rule the roost. They run the property market, they control the government, and they even have the Gardai doing their dirty work for them. We need complete system change – we need a left government committed to genuine socialist change, to take on the landlords, bringing the properties of corporate landlords into public ownership, and making housing a right, not a commodity.

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