Selective Justice in Ireland, Gardai Serve to Protect all the People, Right? Wrong, they serve Who they are told to Serve, and they Harrass who they believe should be, because of the Social Address? Private School Shitsters get Special Treatment. Well Kiely Pub Wreck Proved that, as Fact???

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We Have had the Rossiter Affair, we had the Carthy Shooting in Abbylara, we have had young people beaten up in Garda Stations, and yet it Continues on? Watching while Driving around the Elite South Dublin, one Cannot but Notice, Gardai taking names from the Homeless people, then Searching them? In the middle of all this, you have the Plush Office Blocks, the Elite in Suits. These Snort their Cocaine from their office Windows daily, Watching the other side of the Divide being Hassled? Will it ever Change, Sadly No, but People can make Changes, they can, Stand up, and Demand a Fair Playing Field of Justice, it may be only a Start, but it has to happen, because many young people in Deprived Areas of Dublin and beyond, Have No Respect for Gardai? Can you Blame them???

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