Abuse of Power behind Prison Walls is going on for Decades, certain people could Write a Book on Cork Jail, and how Rogue low life Screws made life Hell for Vulnerable Prisoners? Led by Stutter and the Alcoholic Crew??? Now Cork is getting better under new Management?

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Prisoners ‘lack privacy during consultations in jail with their lawyers’

  4 hrs ago

Solicitors complained about a lack of privacy when speaking with clients in jail and said they could overhear conversations between other lawyers and inmates.

Lawyers told the Irish Prison Service (IPS) they frequently made themselves available for video links only to be told their client was not available for a scheduled appointment with no explanation.

Internal records detail how the prison service wrote to solicitors asking if they would trim their beards or facial hair before visiting as best practice for the wearing of protective masks.

Advisory notices from senior management reveal particular video link (VL) problems at the country’s main female prison in Dublin.

“Poor or no privacy at VL consultation — specifically mentioned with regard to Dóchas Centre, example given that solicitors can hear everything said in adjacent VL visits,” an email said. The Law Society had also flagged issues with the amount of time available to solicitors for consultations and difficulties in getting emails answered.

Issues included privacy during consultations, which was “likely linked” to placing video-link units in current visiting suites and trying to facilitate professional visits, an internal prison service message said.

“Booking made but non-production of client when videolink goes live with no reasoning provided. I have advised that it could be related to client declining but this is unlikely and very rare.”

Other issues included the inability of prisons to accommodate multiple clients of the same solicitor.

The email added: “Restricted times for consultations — this is becoming an issue as trials move closer with some significant trials pending and high volumes of material to be discussed.”

An IPS statement said: “Every effort has been made to ensure that prisoners can continue to engage with their legal representatives.”

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