What is going on, in the County Tipperary, the County of Mattie McGrath, and Dan Breen?

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Kt M’Grá

 · It’s a long way to Tipperary. A year ago today Dara O Flaherty and I were kidnapped, detained without lawful arrest and falsely imprisoned based on lies and deception by two oath breaking Gardai/ political policy enforcers Claire Majella Cosgrave and Colin Hanley with full support of their entire unit and their superiors right up to the chief super of Tipperary who is now on lawful notice to cease and desist. Who could have known that a simple trip within my own county to hand out leaflets on a cold evening to save lives could have catapulted our lives onto the road less travelled. It’s a lonely one at times despite all the wonderful people and experiences that have come my way as a result of this malicious prosecution. People stood outside for us all night and through the next day right up to our release in Ennis. True stelwarth men and women who love this country and freedom. Those of us thrown into the flames will come out tempered and sharper because you can’t earn the wisdom of these experiences any other way than to live through it. The longer they keep me in this evil system the more I see and the more encouraged I am to defy it. One little dent at a time eventually one of the foundations holding up the lies will waver and topple. You can’t hide the sun, the moon or the truth!!! Watch this space…..

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