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Paddy Cosgrave 🏴‍☠️ (@paddycosgrave) · Twitter
The source of wealth for many of Ireland’s richest people is merely proximity to @FineGael & @fiannafailparty These “tycoons” may be lauded by Irish media, but they are little more than gangsters If you can’t see that FFG are but henchmen to these gangsters, then switch off RTE Twitter · 6 mins ago Last night I was out with @BowesChay He was stopped constantly by people who wanted to shake his hand. We had a pint outside the Duke & historian @fallon_donal joined. Even there a fan stopped to heap respect on Chay Most media say no one cares. Most media are out of touch. Twitter · 19 hours ago Ireland’s Finance Minister @Paschald former Ministerial driver is now involved in buying repossessed vulture fund properties, & evicting tenants in Paschal’s constituency I don’t even know where to begin with this. But foooook me.…

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