Convicted Thug Bradley is not Above the Law; an Innocent man, got a Savage Beating by this Thug, who then posted details on Social Media???

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Garda probe into notorious criminal over savage attack on innocent delivery man continues

Alan ‘Fatpuss’ Bradley

Alan ‘Fatpuss’ Bradley

November 14 2021 02:30 AM

Gardaí in Finglas are “making progress” with a criminal investigation into notorious criminal Alan ‘Fatpuss’ Bradley, who brutally beat a man, despite the victim declining to make a statement of complaint.

Bradley “savagely attacked” an innocent delivery man in a recorded assault in Finglas, which was later shared online and went viral less than a fortnight ago. It later emerged Bradley mistakenly believed the man was at fault for a matter about which he was entirely innocent.

In the shocking video, the criminal repeatedly punches and kicks his victim on a Finglas street while the victim’s family and friends plead with him to stop.

The victim was left with a broken jaw and other injuries. The beating was recorded by Bradley’s brother Wayne and later shared widely on social media. Despite the brutality of the attack the victim did not make a complaint to gardaí.

But while no complaint has been made, the Sunday Independent understands investigators in Finglas are making “significant” progress in their criminal probe.

A senior source explained: “In an ideal situation, investigators want the victim to make a statement of complaint. But sometimes this doesn’t happen for a range of reasons, including fear of repercussions. In this instance, the video is of high quality and gardaí in Finglas are nonetheless firing ahead with the investigation and are making progress.”

The shocking attack and video was first publicised in the Sunday World last weekend.

Before the assault, men called to the victim’s workplace looking to speak to him saying he had sent a message to a girl, after delivering a takeaway to her house, saying he was her “secret admirer”.

However, it is understood he had inadvertently sent a message to the wrong person while he was out socialising.

Sources say he had delivered a takeaway to a customer’s house over the Halloween weekend and called to say he was outside.

The customer then contacted him on WhatsApp and he replied to say the food was outside. He then went out on Halloween night socialising and was trying to message a woman he knew on WhatsApp but accidentally sent the message to the customer instead.

It is understood he tried to explain his mistake but the customer told her family about the message. Bradley is believed to be a friend of the family. 

Two men later called to the delivery driver’s workplace looking for him and berated other staff members who were confused about what was going on. The delivery driver wasn’t there at the time but Bradley later tracked him down and attacked him.

Sources claim Bradley later accepted the victim had sent the text message by mistake and told him he was no longer in danger. Bradley is one Ireland’s most infamous criminals and was a leading member of the crime gang once led by the late Eamon ‘the Don’ Dunne.

He was released from Portlaoise Prison in 2018 after serving a sentence for conspiring to steal €1m from a cash-in-transit van in a heist organised by Dunne.

Alongside his brother Wayne and other gang members, Bradley pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal cash from Chubb Ireland in November 2007 at a Tesco in Celbridge, Co Kildare.

Wayne was released from prison in 2016.

The Bradleys were previously targeted by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) and were served with demands for €362,000 in unpaid taxes and penalties between them.

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