Another Non National, Abuses Shop Staff; No Mask, and then hurdles Abuse at Gardai, but No Problem, leaves the Court, with no Criminal Record. Imagine if a young man from Ballymun did the same????

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Student ‘acting the maggot’ over mask rule in shops

 15th November 2021

A BUSINESS student who hurled abuse at shopping centre staff when challenged for not wearing a mask was “acting the maggot with the lads”, a court heard.

Kingsley Agu got “carried away” and began swearing and shouting aggressively at security workers and gardaí.

Judge David McHugh said his behaviour had been “appalling” but told him he would leave him without a criminal record if he made a €200 charity donation.

Mr Agu (21), from Glenvale, Lucan, admitted threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

Garda Sergeant Walter Sweeney told Blanchardstown District Court the incident happened at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre last December 18.

Security staff told gardaí on duty that evening a number of youths were not wearing masks and were being verbally abusive.

They also became abusive to gardaí when they were asked to leave. Sgt Sweeney said the group was swearing, shouting and acting aggressively.

Defence solicitor Claire Finnegan said the accused, who had no prior convictions, apologised for his behaviour.

At the time, he got “a little bit carried away” and there was no malice intended but he admitted he was “acting the maggot with the lads”.

The accused was usually of very good character and it was an isolated incident, she said.

Mr Agu was working part time to pay his fees on a business management course.

He had not come to the adverse attention of the gardaí since the incident.

Ms Finnegan asked the judge to leave the accused without a conviction but said he would need time to get money.

Mr Agu’s behaviour had been “appalling”, Judge McHugh said, but he was prepared to strike the charge out if he donated €200 to Blanchardstown Hospice.

The judge said this was a “once-off” and if Mr Agu did not make the donation, he would be in “different territory”.

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