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Mary LouiseWild Atlantic Way

No3vetlm3ber 15 at 10:2re6i0u P7Mm  · Hi all, Hope you don’t mind me sharing this – Stephen’s family would really appreciate some help in trying to find him. Galway Gardai are looking for the public’s assistance in locating Dunmore, Galway native Stephen Cunningham who has been missing for over a week. Stephen is 32 years old, 6’2″ in height, with sandy/blonde hair. He may also have a beard. His car was found abandoned in the Maam area of Galway. There are a lot of walking routes Stephen could have taken. He could have walked to Westport/Achill/Sligo. Please contact Galway Gardai on 091 538000 with any information. 16 November Update from Stephen’s family: “My heart is absolutely broken returning home again without any spotting of Stephen. I’m tired. I’m worried. I’m trying to hold on to every little bit of hope I have that he will be found and he will be well. We will go at it again tomorrow returning to Maam Cross and exploring as many of the different routes and pathways as we again. If you want to help us please please share this post and if you’ve seen him or you see him please report it to the Garda. The latest report from Garda suggest that he was last seen wearing a long beige white jacket with a hood, denim jeans with holes in the knees and white canvas runners. We still have no confirmed sightings so we still really rely on you for your help. Meeting at Peacockes at Maam Cross tomorrow morning at 9:30am if anyone wants to join us.”

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