Alan Kelly loves to hear his own voice. Kelly is a mouthpiece. His father worked for the Co. Council in Tipperary after losing his job in Ferrenka. Kelly worked most of his life in Tourism and we cannot forget his involvement in the Water Scam Charges. Yesterday, I believe he exposed himself as a self egotistic opportunist when he became deeply personal in his dialogue with Taoiseach Micheal Martin. I have been a long term critic of Martin but in this case, one would have to go on the side of the Taoiseach, in this personal attack. Kelly worked in Failte Ireland, the old Tourism Ireland and was exposed to all the handy numbers during his career, as he sees it, as a natural born Leader. Well, Alan I have news for you – the people don’t see it that way because the Labour Party are dead and as Vincent Browne said they would enter Government with any party to get their hands on a Chair at the Cabinet Table. Ivana is no Labour TD. She is one of the Dublin 8 and Trinity College Dublin Entitled classes and do not be fooled – it is alleged that there is little talk between Kelly and Bacik. However, yesterday the mask of A.K. Kelly slipped and he showed how personal and vicious he can be. I would love to hear privately Brendan Howlin viewed yesterday’s proceedings.

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