People across Ireland know, Eamon Ryan, is perceived as a Gobshite, but People also know, Sinn Fein, are not the Party of Old, led now, by a Fianna Failer, Mary Lou; and it is also known that there many Internal Feuds, check out Derry?? And many more to Come?? Pearse, came a long way, from Council Draughtsman to Global Economist, My Arse??

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Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty accuses Green leader Eamon Ryan of ‘doling out’ jobs to friends

19th November 2021

Most people would have expected higher standards from the Green Party, but it has proven itself as capable as Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil of “doling out” jobs to its friends, the Dáil has been told.

Eamon Ryan, Green Party leader, was told he had let the taxpayer down through two appointments to the National Climate Change Advisory Council, without due process, advertising or interviews.

Pearse Doherty TD criticised Mr Ryan for appointing his former adviser and a Green Party candidate to the council, even though he said the two people involved were undoubtedly eminently qualified.

“Why did you ignore your own Government’s policy in appointing these two individuals?” he asked.

Mr Ryan’s former adviser, Morgan D Bazilian, and a former Green Party candidate, Dr Cara Augustenborg, have been appointed to the council. The roles come with an annual €10,000 stipend.

The Green Party leader insisted the appointments had been made “to the letter of the law,” and accused Sinn Féin of seeking to politicise the climate issue, which would make it harder for society to make the adjustments necessary.

Mr Doherty said Mr Ryan had sought to “avoid and evade” the need for an open process because he was interested in achieving a stroke. It had breached the guidelines, he claimed.

Mr Ryan said: “This is not a stroke. This was done to the letter of the law, within the guidelines and the Cabinet handbook.”

Mr Doherty said the ‘Zapponegate’ controversy during the summer involved appointing a former minister into a makey-up State job and paid by the public purse.

The new appointments had been made despite a recommendation that there should be an open, competitive and transparent process, Mr Doherty said.

“Cronyism is at the heart of how this Government does his business. But I know that most people would have expected higher standards from the Green Party,” he said.

“But no — once you’ve had the opportunity to dole out jobs for your friends, you have been shown just as capable as Fine Gael, and Fianna Fáil at doling out those jobs.”

Mr Ryan said: “This council was appointed exactly as was set out in law, and in the exact same way that the previous climate advisory council had been established.

“It was appointed going through all the proper Government procedures, going to Cabinet, giving advance notice, discussing with colleagues.

“Not everyone has the specific skills of the individuals you mentioned, [who] bring real expertise to the council that I don’t believe would have been available elsewhere.”

He added: “Yes, I know a number of people on that council. If I was to exclude people I’ve known or worked with in the past 30 years, it would diminish the council. You do need this balance of different skills.

“So yes, I stand over the process. I believe it was the correct one, and was followed to the letter of the law. And it was law passed by this House by a vast majority, including your own party.”

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