Gangland Wars and Shootings, Continue in Dublin?

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Bungled hit Dublin criminal who survived Ballyfermot gun attack named as Gary Carey

Drug dealer Gary ‘The Canary’ Carey was shot twice in bungled hit in which up to 10 shots fired

Gary Carey

Gary Carey

November 21 2021 08:30 AM

THIS is the Dublin criminal who miraculously survived following a gun attack in Ballyfermot this week.

Convicted drug dealer Gary Carey (40), from Islandbridge Court in Dublin, was sitting in a car outside a house on Ballyfermot Crescent when a gunman fired up to 10 shots at him around 7.30pm on Thursday.

Carey, known as ‘The Canary’, was hit twice in the attack and is currently being treated in hospital for his injuries.

Gardaí are probing if he was targeted by criminals from the Ballyfermot area, but are also examining a number of other lines of inquiry.

Carey survived a previous attempt on his life last March when a gunman opened fire on him in Ballyfermot.

Bullet holes in the windscreen after a man was shot multiple times  in his vehicle

Bullet holes in the windscreen after a man was shot multiple times in his vehicle

He only received graze injuries in that attack and drove himself to hospital. He did not make any complaint to Gardaí, but detectives believe a criminal aged in his late 20s from Ballyfermot was involved in that attack.

The young criminal, who was previously considered an associate of Carey, has almost 100 convictions and has been previously suspected of sourcing cars and acting as a getaway driver in gangland attacks.

He is currently in prison so is not suspected of involvement in Thursday’s attack, but Gardaí are probing whether any of his associates may have been involved.

Both Carey and the man suspected of involvement in a gun attack on him earlier this year had links to a major gang boss from Ballyfermot who was released from prison over the summer.

Gardai search through debris on Ballyfermot Avenue where a burned out suspected get away car was discovered last night

Gardai search through debris on Ballyfermot Avenue where a burned out suspected get away car was discovered last night

The gang boss has been linked to numerous feuds in the west Dublin area for almost two decades. He was suspected of ordering and direct involvement in gangland murders in various feuds, including one that claimed the lives of brothers Kenneth and Paul Corbally who were shot dead in west Dublin in 2010.

He is currently the subject of a major investigation by the Criminal Assets Bureau, who have carried out a number searches on property linked to the man, including a raid earlier this year.

The gang boss is considered to have a significant number of young criminals in the Ballyfermot area working under him and has been targeted in a number of murder plots.

Carey has been questioned a number of times by detectives in relation to seizures of drugs, firearms and cash.

Despite his multiple arrests as part of organised crime investigations, Carey has only served one significant prison sentence when he pleaded guilty to drug dealing at Dublin Circuit Court back in 2002 and was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

On another occasion, he was charged with assault but the charges were later dropped.

Gardai remove the vehicle from the scene on Ballyfermot Crescent

Gardai remove the vehicle from the scene on Ballyfermot Crescent

Carey was also one of a number of people questioned by gardaí probing one of several gun attacks on gangland target Michael Frazer back in November 2014, when a hitman opened fire on him in Islandbridge, south Dublin. Carey was not the suspected gunman and was later released without charge.

Gardaí also previously probed whether associates of Carey ordered the fatal shooting of John Wilson in Ballyfermot in September 2012.

The gunman in that attack was Keith O’Neill (40), from Lissadell Drive, Drimnagh, who is serving life for the murder.

O’Neill was promised €40,000 for carrying out the hit but never received the cash and no motive for the murder emerged during the trial.

John Wilson was one of the notorious Wilson crime family, from Ballyfermot, responsible for a number of gangland shootings, and had links to Mark Desmond.

His brother Keith is serving a life sentence for the murder of Real IRA linked gunman Daniel Gaynor who was shot dead in Finglas in 2010, while their brother Eric is serving a life sentence in Spain for shooting an English criminal in Spain after he got into a dispute after harassing a woman.

Eric was on the run in Spain and the time and suspected of involvement in several gangland murders in Ireland.


Their nephew Luke is currently serving an 11-year sentence over a plot to kill Hutch associate Gary Hanley for the Kinahan Cartel.

Carey’s brother Darren was one of two men murdered by notorious criminal Mark ‘the Guinea Pig’ Desmond more than 20 years ago.

Darren (20) and pal Patrick Murray (19) were shot dead by evil psycho Desmond just before New Year’s Eve in 2000.

The pair had been working for Desmond as drug couriers but were killed by him after Murray was arrested bringing drugs back from Amsterdam to Dublin.

Carey was also a neighbour and friend of James Kenny McDonagh (28) who was shot dead in October 2010. McDonagh’s remains were found in the Dublin mountains in January 2012. Once again, Desmond was a suspect in the killing.

Associates of Carey were believed to have been behind a botched hit attempt on Desmond in April 2010.

Three men approached Desmond while he was driving a quad bike in Memorial Park, Islandbridge, and fired at least one shot but he managed to escape uninjured.

Desmond was shot dead in Lucan, south Dublin, in December 2016.

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