Remember Dolores, Truckers, need to earn, their Wages, to put Food on the Table, to feed their Families, so Cop on, Urgently??

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On Dee Run Anti-vaxxer Dolores Webster on the run from Gardaí as warrant issued for arrest

Dolores, who also goes by Dee Wall failed to appear in court on charges relating to an incident in 2019

Dolores Webster, who is also known as Dee Wall

Dolores Webster, who is also known as Dee Wall

November 24 2021 08:16 PM

Prominent anti-vaxxer Dolores Webster is on the run from Gardaí after a bench warrant was issued for her arrest.

Dolores, who also goes by Dee Wall, with an address at Muskery Road in Ballyfermot failed to appear at Kilkenny District Court on October 28th 2021.

The 65-year-old was due to appear before the court on charges of obstructing a peace officer.

Dolores is accused of wilfully obstructing Garda Mary Keegan from executing her duty at Club House Hotel, Patrick Street, Kilkenny on December 3rd 2019. The Dubliner was arrested at the scene.

Although the bench warrant was issued almost four weeks ago, Webster is still posting on her website and on her personal Twitter account.

Just today she took to social media to blast truckers who are protesting against rising fuel costs in Dublin today.

It comes as the protesters have warned that despite demonstrating in tandem with an anti-vax marc, the two causes are separate and are not related to one another.

Taking to Facebook, Irish Truckers and Hauliers asked for a peaceful protest.

“We are also aware that a number of anti-vax and other groups plan to come on the day. Just a gentle reminder that this is a protest against fuel prices and tax increases, not Covid and the restrictions.”

“If you plan to cause trouble, stay at home,” they urged.

“We want a peaceful protest, us truckers, hauliers, taxi drivers, buses, farmers and professional drivers need a change. Don’t ruin the day for us, we don’t want bad media coverage or any trouble.”

Controversial Dolores, also known as Dee, claims that truckers just care about money.

“Well here u (sic) are the truckers don’t give a damn about the slaughter of there (sic) children just money.”

Dolores also went on to claim to one follower that the warrant out for her arrest was “illegal”.

“Stay safe Dee. Don’t let them serve that f*ckin illegal warrant,” one person said to her, which prompted the reply: “There’s a lot of patriot, s (sic) getting these illegal summons/warrents (sic). Why on who’s orders ? If we are so wrong why do there upmost to shut us up?”

Dolores ran for office during the 2020 elections as an independent candidate for Dublin Central but failed to be elected after only receiving 0.32% of votes.

During a protest in July at Áras an Uachtaráin against vaccines and Covid-19 legislation, Dolores called for fellow protesters to drag President Michael D Higgins from his home in the Phoenix Park to dance on him “so there is nothing left of his head”.

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