Twitter Alert: New Variant B.1.1.529. Recommend both Anthony Staines and Professor Christina Pagel for both Comprehension and Clarity. Message “Wear a Mask”. I ask why can’t children wear masks too as they do in some countries.

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Anthony Staines says WEAR A MASK! @astaines

This is grounds for real concern, and by the time we are certain, if it is actually highly transmissible, it will be too late to stop it. We need to act now to support South Africa. @ISAGCOVID19 Quote Tweet

Prof. Christina Pagel @chrischirp · 2h THREAD on the new variant B.1.1.529 summarising what is known from the excellent South African Ministry of Health meeting earlier today TLDR: So much uncertain but what *is* known is extremely worrying & (in my opinion) we should revise red list immediately.

This is why: 1/16

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