They often say “See the Wood from the Trees” but in reality talking about renewables and solar panels this tweet raises a most valid argument.

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This isn’t “going green” or “being renewable.” This is destroying ecosystems. Our job is to build a civilization where humans and the planet and coexist. You don’t do that by mowing down fragile ecosystems, even if you consider them to be barren.

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Basin & Range Watch @BasinRange ·

Nov 26 2021: Soon to be bulldozed:

Aratina Solar, CA 2,400 acres – 4,200 Joshua trees

Oberon Solar, CA, 2,700 acres – ancient desert ironwoods destroyed

Gemini Solar, NV, 7,100 acres – over 1,000 desert tortoises

Yellow Pine Solar, Nevada, 3,000 acres – over 90,000 Mojave yuccas

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