Fear that gives you agoraphobia; fear that says let’s go out and party, shop, mooch. There is no excuse now. Antigen tests cost £2.50 at Dunnes Stores and we know where to find a Dunnes Stores. For homeless people who sit outside on these cold pavements, they may be interested in having test so buy one and share. Tweet from Village Magazine

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Village Magazine @VillageMagIRE Antigen tests €2.50 in Dunnes Stores now. Doesn’t seem necessarily to be the case this – with the risk some people might not have the €2.50 – is in principle worse than making the tests free – so some people might just take them unnecessarily. broadsheet.ie Test The Market Antigen test kits for sale at a Dunnes Stores branch in Dublin this morningSubsidising antigen tests for #Covid19 ‘very quickly became unnecessary’, Minister for Health @DonnellyStephen tells 3:16 PM · Nov 29, 2021·Twitter Web App 3 Retweets 13 Likes

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