Claire Byrne Live: Cocaine. Conor Harris spoke with deep sincerity, conviction, experience about his addiction. He started cocaine in 5th year at school, consumed it during his leaving cert and he describes the depths of horrors to near death. Nicola Tallant introduces us to Narco Terrorists in the Netherlands, to County Lines and a Click & Collect service growth during the Pandemic. Then there is the grandmother living in a rural location; the member of the gang who runs the country lines network giving the instruction to demand the debts be repaid; what option had she but to pay. Cocaine usage is increasing in the hundred’s of %. Our inept Government have lost sight of this issue, a public health concern but one that is not as fashionable as others.

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Recommend you watch Claire Byrne Live.

Nicola Tallant spoke about County Lines now existing in Ireland.

Conor Harris, his experience

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