Ian Bailey “flattered” by relationship he’s struck up with woman who married a ghost pirate. Bailey is regarded by the Irish High Court to have no case to answer to the French Frogs. Let’s go back and rewind a little bit of one of Ireland’s most infamous unsolved murder mysteries. What happened to Ms Toscan du Plantier was horrendous; her family to this day suffer. Now, some brevity: it is a mini reminder of the Quiet Man. Ian Bailey left England 30 years ago, leaving the Fast Lane, Fleet Street, Dog Eat Dog Journalism for the quiet life in Cork. He meets Jules Thomas, the Welsh divorcee and they fall in love. In the last 12 months, its all over and now Ian Bailey resides in a log cabin, outside Schull. He resembles Grisley Adams but without the Bear. To add to this, the murder is unsolved. All those years ago, the Keystone Cops fucked up a crime scene through pure stupidity and ignorance. The late John Harbison was two days on the piss celebrating his birthday and refused to attend the scene. DNA evidence was washed away in the rain; the scene was mucked up by stone age Gardai. The outcome: Bailey sleepwalked into being the main suspect. Even to this day, the Gardai are not interested in any other leads bar Bailey. This man, some say, loves the notoriety, loves to see his name and photo in the papers, has an ego as big as the mountains around Schull. Other people say that he is a good person, decent and just wants closure and Justice for all concerned. There are certain cafes and hotels who to me personally are morally wrong in refusing to serve Ian Bailey, who is not judged by any court in this country to be guilty of the murder. In the meantime he continues on with his writings and his poetry and free legal advice to anyone who needs it. To be contd.

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See the source image

Irish woman Amanda Large Teague, who is divorced from the pirate ghost, said she is “interested” in murder suspect Ian Bailey and believes she has a “connection” with him.

, 2021

Ian Bailey leaving the Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin in 2020.
See the source image
The murder occurred in one of the most remote regions of Ireland
Bailey at a farmer market where he now sells books and wood carvings to make a living
Bailey and his long-term partner Jules split earlier this year

Commissioner Drew Harris: This man is part of the United Kingdom, as you are are. It is within your realm to investigate this now historic crime. It is a most unusual case when one considers how the French follow the Napoleon Code as distinct from what we have in Ireland which has its origins in Common Law of England and a few eccentricities of our own added in including the Brehon ancient law of Ireland.

2022 is but one month away now. It is time to re-examine and find out the Truth, if possible, in relation to this murder. Mr Ian Bailey was not able to visit his mother before she passed way because he is not free to travel to the UK as I believe he could extradited to France where he has been sentenced to 25 years in prison … he had no representation at that trial.

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