No Love Letters in Schull, only Dear Ian, Good Bye…….

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Ian Bailey’s ‘profound shock’ after partner Jules Thomas dumped him by letter

  • 16:03, 30 Nov 2021
  • Updated: 16:05, 30 Nov 2021

IAN Bailey has told for the first time of his “profound shock” after his long time partner Jules Thomas dumped him by letter.

He said she left it on the kitchen table in her west Cork home, The Prairie, last March.

Ian Bailey and Jules Thomas before their split
Ian Bailey and Jules Thomas before their splitCredit: PA:Press Association

Bailey says he was left shocked at the letter, which asked him to move out.

Writing in the Big Issue, the prime suspect in the 1996 murder of Sophie du Plantier revealed how the year 2021 has been an “annus horribilis”.

Bailey has always denied any involvement in the murder.

The eccentric 64-year-old Englishman recalled how he spent last Christmas alone in west Cork, before Jules would eventually end their long-running romance.


He wrote: “Jules went off to be with her family in Cork and I was on my own most of the time.

“I went through the motions of trying to have a bit of seasonal cheer. I even roasted a turkey crown which I chewed alone.

“Maybe I should have sensed what was subsequently going to happen. Little was I to know that after 24 years of interference, abuse and false accusation, that 2021 was going to become the most traumatic and testing period of my life and what should have been an annus mirabilis was to turn into an annus horribilis.

“In January I started planting seeds for the growing season, tomatoes, sweetcorn, broad beans which as it turned out I was never going to plant out, eat or sell.

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