The Hutch Gang, seems to have many Connections, the Cards are begining to fall now, while the Monk Reflects in his Jail Cell??

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JAILBIRDS Kevin Lunney kidnappers moved to Ireland’s highest security prison due to Hutch links

Alan O'Brien

Alan O’Brien

December 01 2021 08:30 AM

THREE men facing lengthy prison sentences for the kidnap and torture of Quinn Industrial Holdings executive Kevin Lunney have been moved to Ireland’s highest security prison.

The men have been transferred from Castlerea Prison in Roscommon to Portlaoise Prison because of two of them are perceived to have links to the Hutch criminal faction, according to Sunday World sources.

Alan O’Brien, Darren Redmond and a third man known as YZ who can’t be named because of reporting restrictions, have all been found guilty of abducting and assaulting Mr Lunney.

Kevin Lunney (Quinn Industrial Holdings/PA)

Kevin Lunney (Quinn Industrial Holdings/PA)

They are facing a potential life sentence for the horrific crime when they appear again in court for sentencing on December 20 at Dublin’s non-jury Special Criminal Court.

Both O’Brien and YZ have links to the Hutch faction which limits the number of prisons where they can be safely incarcerated, while the three hardened criminals themselves also pose a serious security risk.

The men had been working under orders from Cyril McGuinness, also known as Dublin Jimmy, who died from a heart attack two years ago during a police raid in Britain.

Darren Redmond. Photo: Collins

Darren Redmond. Photo: Collins

In a victim impact statement delivered in court this week, Mr Lunney said the savage ordeal he endured will remain with him and his family for the rest of their lives.

He had been snatched from his car, held in a horse box where he was stripped, beaten, cut and had bleach poured on his wounds before being left on the roadside.

He had been told he would be killed if the QIH board didn’t resign and various legal cases were not dropped.

The shocking incident was the culmination of a long campaign of intimidation, threats and property attacks on QIH over a number of years.

Career criminal Dublin Jimmy is believed to have been the leader on-the-ground, acting under orders of a ‘paymaster’ and behind dozens of attacks on QIH properties and executives.

In 2014 th was the first to link Dublin Jimmy to the campaign against QIH in April 2011.

McGuinness was once the biggest illegal dumper in Northern Ireland and had served a sentence for stealing trucks and cranes in Belgium and the Netherlands.

He was also suspected of involvement in ATM robberies before his death in 2019.

A garda and PSNI joint investigation team are still probing the campaign of intimidation, seeking evidence that will lead to criminal charges against those who directed Dublin Jimmy.

He is believed to have used his criminal contacts to have various attacks carried out, including the abduction of Kevin Lunney.

One the men convicted, YZ, is the chief suspect for two murders that happened some years apart and had been well known to gardaí, according to reports.

During this week’s hearing at the Special Criminal Court it emerged YZ had 180 previous convictions, the most serious for impeding prosecution of another man on a serious charge.

He was the person who broke Mr Lunney’s leg with a bat in the horse box at a yard in Drumbrade, Co Cavan.

YZ is known to have links to both the Hutch and Kinahan factions. His co-accused, Alan ‘Pegger’ O’Brien, also has links to the Hutch gang and has been described as a prolific criminal with drug addiction issues.

The 40-year-old is linked by gardaí to almost 100 incidents, including burglary, thefts, road traffic crime and assaults and is described as “extremely violent”. In one aggravated burglary he terrorised workers at a supermarket in which hatchets were used by members of the gang.

A video produced during the trial showed YZ and O’Brien meeting outside YZ’s north Dublin apartment complex before a trip to Cavan on September 16, 2019, the day before the kidnapping.

The youngest of the three convicted, Darren Redmond (27), from Caledon Road, East Wall, Dublin, is also very well known to gardaí due his links to organised crime.

Portlaoise Prison, Co Laois. Photo: Damien Eagers.

Portlaoise Prison, Co Laois. Photo: Damien Eagers.

His only criminal conviction in Ireland relates to a 2013 case when he was caught with knife and bound to the peace at Dublin District Court.

He was previously arrested for attempting to throw drugs into Mountjoy Prison in 2012, but he was never convicted of this offence.

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