The Saga of Ian Bailey goes on, now Jules Thomas, Sets the Record Straight, She moved on, is much more Happier, Busy in her work, and does not even know, Bailey is Living in the Woods in a Log Cabin???

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He’s not got his facts clear’ – Ian Bailey’s ex-partner lifts lid on details of couple’s split

 4 hrs ago

Ian Bailey’s ex-partner Jules Thomas has spoken out about her split from Ian Bailey and denied the claim she split with him via letter.

The couple’s life together was cast into the public consciousness via two documentary series on the unsolved murder of French national Sophie Toscan du Plantier that were released this year.

Mr Bailey has denied any involvement in the 1996 murder and has never been convicted in Ireland of any wrongdoing in relation the case. A French court convicted him in absentia of the murder, but Ireland’s courts have denied three different extradition orders issued by French authorities.

Writing in the Big Issue homeless charity magazine, Mr Bailey claimed he was dumped by letter which was left on the kitchen table of Ms Thomas’ home, The Prairie, where Mr Bailey was also living.

Ms Thomas has refuted this claim, saying it was her daughter that wrote the letter informing Mr Bailey he would have to leave her mother’s home.

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“A letter was written but not by me. I had been asking him very nicely to find somewhere else to live for quite a long time,” Ms Thomas told the Irish Daily Star, adding that the couple’s relationship had ended long ago.

“It was just a point that my daughters felt it was gone on too long and it passed its sell-by date and all the rest of it.

“The letter was about him having to leave the property.”

The couple’s tumultuous relationship has been well documented with Bailey admitting it was “to my eternal shame” that he beat Ms Thomas to the point she required hospital treatment and required eight stitches as her lip was nearly severed from her gum.

This was just one of several “alcohol-fuelled” assaults Ms Thomas ensured at the hands of Mr Bailey.

Thomas said Bailey appeared “stunned” when he read the letter.

“He did sit at the end of the kitchen table. I don’t think I was out when he read it.

“He’s not got his facts clear anyway. He was looking pretty stunned, and I realised he must’ve read it. I knew it had come in the post because I recognised my daughter’s handwriting.

“I asked him to go many times. I just found it was coming to the end of the road really. I was worn out.

“I tried to explain to him many times we were done and he was just not going to budge until my daughter said — I didn’t ask her to write it but she is quite good with words — so it obviously did the trick.”

Bailey and Thomas have been spilt since April and Bailey confirmed he is now dating a Mayo woman and they are “very happy together”.

After “24 years of stress”, Ms Thomas said the decision to split from Mr Bailey was “the best decision I’ve ever made”.

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