This is winter. Walk-in vaccinations.

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My friend Olivia became anxious to get the vaccine and had emailed her doctor but to no avail so she decided, foolishly, that she would go to the Gerard Manley Hopkins Building in UCD. Unlike the last vaccine in July, we all had the comfort of being inside the Aviva and the system worked so efficiently.

Olivia arrived at 11.45 and walked in the direction of the building, there were few signs to direct people. There was a place where you could get a coffee but of course that was closed. The queue outside the building had to stretch for nearly one mile. Everybody stood there freezing cold and the queue moved so slowly. There was one element of organisation when a man came and asked was there anyone who had already made an appointment. A few people came forward.

Olivia waited and waited, frozen solid, not knowing whether to stay or to go and she knew getting the booster will not be as easy as people think. Eventually at 2.45 she reached the door, but then there were more queues. To her horror she heard one of the two men taking details saying to a couple that they would have to come back next week as they had had their last jab in July. They must have been so shocked and they didn’t react. Olivia knew she was a in deep hole. Frozen Solid, feeling tired, she received the same answer as they did but for some reason age may have rescued her or maybe she just looked like someone who had been sick. Olivia had cancer and when she said it to the man I have to say he did everything to assist her, short circuiting more queues and taking her to where the vaccinations were given. Olivia knows that this random act of kindness saved her. Sadly being out in the cold Olivia now has a severe kidney infection but she does have the vaccine.

To anyone going for the Walk-in check out whether you will be left standing outside for hours.

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