FAANG’s add Microsoft Tesla & others. The multiples of wealth gathered from the Pandemic COVID-19 for these elites merits the introduction of an immediate wealth tax. The world is laid bare open to variants and mutants (Omicron) and the realities are stated by the WHO Dr Tedros, Dr Mike Ryan, Dr Maria van Kerkhove that as long we practice such vaccine apartheid we will be subject to more clever and deviant viruses trying to do better than Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omicron. There aim is to conquer and it is we the people who are vulnerable. Stop the Vaccine Apartheid. Education is the best way to deal with the vaccine hesitants; if you mandate they be vaccinated it could so easy flip into dangerous territory. Clarity is essential. Less messaging, misinformation and clear guidance is what is wanted. The Elites are fine but it is who they regard as workers, drones, serfs, who are most vulnerable. In Monaco, 1 million $ per week to hire yacht and then the gross indulgence in what is the best is experienced and lauded by these “rich elites”. People be aware don’t get dumped…by the Rich and Poweful. How insenstive they were to use these hard times to have their journies into Space.

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