Tony Walsh Finglas Talks Free speech 🎤My Question, is, Why is this Happening? We can bring in Migrants, they get Beds and Food, and well done, I would see no Child Hungry, but Why are our own People allowed to Die, Why…….?

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Its been brought to FOH attention this evening a young homeless lady from Ballymun sadly lost her life whiles residing within emergency services in Dublin today. The young lady was well known to our team here at Feed Our Homeless as she availed of our support services regarley and was always very respectfully and polite towards our team. The young girl was very quite manerly and was always very grateful for the help and support she received from our team here at Feed Our Homeless. We are all in shock here at FOH this evening to hear this very sad news. The managment here at FOH would like to send our sincere condolences to the family and friends at this very sad time RIP. She will certanly be missed by her beautiful young children. When will enough be enough. How many more people have to loose there lives within emergency services before appropriate trauma care and rap around support services are made available within all hostels to help those who are most in need of these vital services to help prevent anymore people from loosing there lives whiles residing withing emergency services. A lot of deaths could be prevented within emergency services If rap around supports were made available to all resident’s whiles residing within emergency hostels.

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