Stinson Hunter: We need to all remember this man’s and his personal endeavours to stop “trapping our young precious children in paedophile activities”– into areas of such sick deviance perpetrated by these human predators using sickly treats to weaken the children into an area of such deceit, shame and betrayal casting them to the role of “outsider in the Family” structure. When you read of Stinson’s endeavours to “out paedophiles” and others, you have that piece in your brain saying that this is against the Code of Law and yet when you let your emotion rationalise the reality, the message is clarity, this is abhorrent abuse of children, innocents, and this must not happen; it must be stopped. Just look to Holy Religious garnered Ireland, our Midlands Prison is a cesspit and sick or narcissistic self indulged in their own power controlled ecosystem minded people who once hoaked, penetrated, scorched, the lives of so many children. We want this stopped. Forget not the work of Fr. Shay Cullen, Preda Foundation. Listen to him speak on his weekly show and then there are his letters. These Filipino children don’t deserve what they get especially

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The Year is 2014 but the truth little has changed?

The Paedophile Hunter: Twitter reacts to vigilante Stinson Hunter in Channel 4 documentary

Hunter lures and traps paedophiles by posing as underage girls online

Jess Denham Friday 03 October 2014 09:27

Stinson Hunter and his associates Stubbs and Grime in
            Channel 4 documentary The Paedophile Hunter
Stinson Hunter and his associates Stubbs and Grime in Channel 4 documentary The Paedophile Hunter (Channel 4)

Self-styled ‘undercover journalist’ Stinson Hunter set social media alight last night, dividing the country when his vigilante antics were revealed in Channel 4 documentary, The Paedophile Hunter.

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Hunter and his associates ‘Stubbs’ and ‘Grime’ lure and trap sexual predators by posing as underage children online. Any evidence from initial introductions to final confrontations is filmed, passed on to the police and posted online.

Read more: Paedophile Hunter – the psychology of vigilantism

Bafta-winning director Dan Reed explores the disturbing scale of the online grooming problem, while also delving into Hunter’s troubled past (drug addiction, prison for arson and abuse in a children’s home that he does not go into) and challenging him on his decision to ruin the lives of the men he ‘catches’.

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One man, Mark, killed himself shortly after being confronted by Hunter as he arrived to meet a 12-year-old girl. His partner and mother of his young child tells cameras she sympathises with Hunter’s crime-stopping intentions, but disagrees with footage being published for his 250,000 Facebook followers to see.

“He claims he is protecting children but what about my child, a real child who is going to grow up without a dad?” she says.

While many Twitter users agreed with Mark’s partner and argued that catching criminals should be left to the police, others praised Hunter’s ‘hands on’ approach to stopping those with paedophilic predilections.

For Stinson Hunter

Wikipedia. You may not like what this man stands for but a sports journalist in RTE and now a Wexford player who had everything at his finger tips. Its jail time most likely too. But if only people communicated. Where are the whistleblowers?

Stinson Hunter (born Kieren Parsons, 10 October 1981)[citation needed] is a British vigilante[1] who is best known for his role in the documentary, The Paedophile Hunter. The film investigating child sexual exploitation was named “Best Documentary on a Contemporary Theme” in the 42nd British Documentary Awards, which “celebrates documentaries from Britain and abroad that “have made a significant contribution to the genre.[2]

The Guardian published an article referencing the film, and reporting the estimated 10 active paedophile hunting groups in the UK.[3] “While the police are critical of such groups in public, they privately provide advice and support on how to conduct stings. ‘The police are like us. They’re human beings,’ a member of a group said. ‘They have families, so they understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.”[3]

Hunter’s personal challenges, such as past issues with alcohol, drugs and a prison term have been reported in editorial newspapers as well as tabloid newspapers.[4][5]


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