Dont Forget this Xmas, when the Doorbell Rings, it could be Gerry and Friends, Singing Carols, and Wearing Masks……

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Video of Gerry Adams singing republican version of popular Christmas carol deleted after backlash

The sketch involved the former Sinn Fein leader singing ‘Tiocfaidh ar la’ in a Christmas carol

A screengrab from the video

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A video from a Derry-based Christmas card company has been deleted – after it featured Gerry Adams singing a famous republican slogan to a festive jingle.

The charity sketch posted online involved the former Sinn Fein leader knocking on the door of a homeowner as a carol singer.

He then sings an amended version of the carol Deck the Halls, replacing the ‘Fa, la, la, la, la’ with ‘Tiocfaidh ar la, la, la, la, la’.

The sketch, posted by Ferry Clever, has since been deleted after a backlash from families of Troubles victims.

The amended lyric in the sketch is an Irish republican slogan which translates from Irish as ‘our day will come’.

A Sinn Fein spokesperson told the Irish News that the video was made to raise funds for charity.

While a Ferry Clever statement read: “Whilst our business is based around satirical comedy, it was never our intention to offend anyone. We have now removed the video and have stopped selling the card in question. This will not affect the charitable end of this initiative as we will be making a donation to ensure the charity is not negatively impacted.”

Ann Travers, whose 22-year-old sister Mary was shot dead and her father Tom seriously injured in an IRA gun attack as the family left Mass at St Brigid’s Church in south Belfast on April 8, 1984, blasted the former Sinn Fein president while speaking to the Belfast Telegraph.

She said: “He’s got little thought or empathy for those of us who lost our loved ones and who have empty chairs at Christmas time,”

“Easter time is never the same again because my sister was murdered just before Easter in 1984.

“I will never forget our first Christmas without her. For him to be so flippant and then to come out with the Tiocfaidh ar la.

“Look we are never going to get justice for our loved ones, but it seems we can’t even be allowed to get a level of dignity

“If they [Sinn Fein] have any kind of empathy or any sort of sense they would distance themselves from it and acknowledge it was a very unkind video to make and deeply hurtful” she added.

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