Kinahan knows the Clock is Ticking, and the Monk said, he would Love to Share a Cell with him???

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Snap happy Top boxing writer reveals Daniel Kinahan ‘micromanages’ his social media appearances

‘Whenever Kinahan’s name, or image, crops up it’s because he, specifically, wants it to’

Darren Till and Daniel Kinahan (right)

Darren Till and Daniel Kinahan (right)

December 18 2021 07:58 AM

Leading boxing writer Alan Dawson has revealed how sources have told him Daniel Kinahan micromanages his appearances on social media. 

US journalist Dawson – who is the combat sports correspondent for Insider magazine – made the comment after Kinahan recently posed for a number of photographs on social media.

According to Dawson, who is well-known for his investigations into Kinahan’s involvement in boxing, that whenever Kinahan’s name, or image, crops up “it’s because he, specifically, wants it to”.

“He tells people what to say and is a micromanager in this game, according to sources with direct knowledge of his actions,” Dawson tweeted

After going camera shy for a short period following the BBC Panorama expose on his criminal past, Kinahan has recently re-emerged in images with several high-profile boxers.

In one of the more recent images that have appeared, Kinahan is pictured with Scottish boxer Lee McGregor (24) – who has no involvement in crime – who posted a photo to his Instagram earlier this week with the drug lord in Dubai.

“Surround yourself with positive people who are going to push you towards greatness, good catch up with top people today,” Lee declared.

It follows another recent picture on social media featuring the exiled crime boss with his arms around IBF flyweight champion boxer Sunny Edwards in Dubai, pointing to a ‘No Drugs’ slogan on his tee-shirt as he poses for the camera.

Under the photograph, Edwards – who has no involvement in crime – has written: “Always good to see an old friend.”

Sunny Edwards poses with Daniel Kinahan

Sunny Edwards poses with Daniel Kinahan

The Liverpool-born fighter has been one of Kinahan’s most vocal defenders and recently described him as a “legitimate” businessman.

Last week, Kinahan was also snapped with another Liverpool-fighter, Darren Till, on a beach in the Middle East.

It was the second time Till – who is signed to MTK Global, which previously denied that the Dublin crime boss has any affiliations with them – has posted images of Daniel Kinahan on his social media accounts.

In March 2020, he posted a photograph on Twitter and launched a staunch defence of his ‘friend’ Kinahan saying “he had given me more valuable advice as a friend anyone I’ve ever met in a professional capacity.”

UFC fighter Till – who has no involvement in crime – described how Kinahan continues to be involved in boxing from his home in the Middle East.

Till wrote: “Good stroll on the beach tonight in Dubai with one of me good pal, Daniel Kinahan is advising Eddie Hearn and Al Haymon is advising Leonard Ellerbe for Eddie Hearn and Leonard Ellerbe to fight. Wow!!

“Good luck Eddie, I’m rooting for you son.”

However, according to Sunday World’s Nicola Tallant, the recent snaps are a cynical attempt by Kinahan to use his image and status as a boxing powerbroker in a bid to ‘sports wash’ himself into a legitimate businessman.

“Boxing has been at the heart of his grand plan to project an image of a decent, hardworking guy with the Midas touch,” Nicola has written.

“Mostly, he tries to look one step removed from the fawning praise heaped upon him or appearing oblivious to the point of a random tweet like the one released by UFC fighter Darren Till, which pointedly says that Kinahan is advising Eddie Hearn for an upcoming fight.

“But be under no illusion, because behind the scenes it is a carefully constructed narrative that will have been sanctioned for release by Kinahan himself.

“Daniel Kinahan is simply not a guy who takes a stroll on a beach at night and poses for a snap with a pal.

“He is an ever-more circled boss of an organised crime network with partners deep into the heart of Colombia, which is being slowly dismantled in a huge international effort involving law enforcement from Europe, America, South America, Australia and Eastern Europe.

He knows his fall is coming and like a drowning man he will hold onto anything he can as he sinks.”

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