Former Champion Boxer, Dean Byrne, Claims during the Flight, this is a Plandemic???

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Former boxer defends his anti-vax flight tirade as the ‘word of God’

 19th December 2021

Former professional boxer and amateur welterweight champion Dean Byrne has insisted that his “plandemic” tirade on a Ryanair flight last week was “holy righteous anger” and not anti-vax sentiment.

A video of Mr Byrne went viral after he sneaked on to a Dublin-bound Ryanair flight at Stansted Airport in London on Wednesday.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent from his London home, Mr Byrne (38) from Crumlin in Dublin, defended his actions.

“It was a holy anger that took over. A holy righteous anger. It is my belief that it is a plandemic. My body is a temple. I have not had the vaccine and I would not. I was on the phone to my mother when I started talking to the passengers.

Footage shows an unmasked Mr Byrne walking up and down the parked plane, shouting at other passengers.

“They described me online as an ‘anti-vaxxer on a plane’. That is not who I am. I am a man of faith, a man of God, and I was speaking His word.”

Flight crew managed to remove him from the plane before take-off.

A Ryanair spokesperson said: “The safety and security of all Ryanair flights is our number one priority, and we will not allow passengers to travel who do not fully comply with safety and security regulations.”

Defending his actions this weekend, the former boxer explained that he had wanted to fly home to his parents for Christmas, but had refused to take a Covid test to ensure he was negative for the virus.

He now does not know if he will make it home for Christmas.

“They wouldn’t allow me to fly without the test. I did not want to submit to a test. But I just slipped through the net and walked on to the plane.

“I was on the phone to my mother when I took a few minutes to talk to everybody.

“My mother told me to get off the plane before the police came. So I did, because I listen to my mother and to God. I was not arrested afterwards.”

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