A Pair of Fine Gael Members, Call people Knackers and Sluts, Why??? Entitled, hopefully Not???

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SOCIAL SHOCK Two Fine Gael councillors apologise for tweets using terms ‘k****ers’ and ‘sluts’

Olivia O’Sullivan. Photo credit: Twitter

Olivia O’Sullivan. Photo credit: Twitter

December 18 2021 05:15 PM

Two Fine Gael councillors have apologised for posting tweets with offensive terms including “k****ers” and “sluts” in 2011 and 2012.

Limerick Councillor Olivia O’Sullivan has apologised for using the term “k******s” while Carlow Councillor Brian O’Donoghue apologised for using the term “slut”.

In 2012 Cllr O’Sullivan posted two tweets using the word “k****ers”.

In another tweet she said: “#watchingonrecord Ireland’s rappers presenting Irish hip hop as an outlet for Ireland’s k****ers…not my experience of it. Cringe.”

“I have deleted two tweets published before I entered public life.

“The posts, made in 2012, were wrong and disrespectful, I apologise for this and regret any hurt or offence caused.”

Carlow Councillor Brian O’Donoghue also apologised for using the terms slut and sluts in tweets a decade ago. He said he had since deleted the tweets.

“Just tagged in some old tweets from 2011/2012 where I used the term “slut” or “sluts” when joking with college friends on twitter.

“Joking or not I shouldn’t have used those words. Apologies for any offence this has caused. I was in or just finished college at the time but still.”

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