Deliveries, Chinese, Indian, Kebabs, just phone, your Local Garda Station!!!! To be Fair, a good Act of Kindness and many done this Christmas time delivering drugs and messages to our elderly and people with disabilities in need. Thanks to the men and women in Blue.

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Dublin man’s food delivered by Garda after delivery driver arrested for being under the influence

John was shocked to see a garda arrive with his takeaway

A masked man delivering a food package
A masked man delivering a food package (Image: PeopleImages)

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A Dublin man received a food delivery service to remember this evening when a garda showed up at his door.

A member of An Garda Síochána allegedly arrived at his door with his takeaway.

John Larkin’s tweet about the incredible event quickly went viral.

He tweeted: ” Garda arrived at door with our food delivery order – having arrested the delivery man for driving under the influence (drugs) – he decided to deliver it! Thanks @GardaTraffic.”

John told Dublin Live that he was in complete shock after opening his front door.

He said: “I was so confused when I opened the door, the Garda was holding the takeaway bag and looked at me and asked ‘are you expecting a food delivery?’ My immediate thought was ‘why on earth is the delivery man dressed up like a Garda?

“He saw my confusion and explained he had detained the delivery man, and decided not to let the food go cold.

“I asked him ‘what did he do?’ – and he said he was suspected of being under the influence.”

Dubliners were impressed by the guard’s dedication to the job and to delivering the chicken noodles before they went cold.

One person said: “Jaysus how much do you tip a Garda for that delivery?”

Another said: “No way, that’s gas.”

A garda spokesman said: “We don’t comment on material published online by third parties.”

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