Protect himself, with a Wheelbrace; another Violent Non Irish Thug who should be Deported. People need to feel Safe, not live in Fear in our home country; add to this all the Free Legal Aid these buckos receive?? Imagine a Paddy in his Country, Chop Chop??

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Delivery driver jailed for attack on motorist after ‘minor road rage’ incident turned violent

Aiman Khalel (40), of Leinster Road, Rathmines, at
              Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. Photo: Collins Courts

Aiman Khalel (40), of Leinster Road, Rathmines, at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. Photo: Collins Courts

Declan Brennan

December 20 2021 03:59 PM

A delivery van driver has been jailed for attacking another van driver with a wheel lock after a “minor road rage incident” became violent.

Judge Sarah Berkeley described the broad day light assault by Aiman Khalel (40) of Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin, as “shocking and vicious”.

The victim was struck three times around the head and hand with the steering wheel lock which Khalel had pulled from the victim’s car.

The assault arose from a dispute about overtaking when both drivers were pulling into the same lane of traffic coming up to a junction on Clanbrassil Street Upper in the city.

Khalel was convicted after a trial at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court earlier this month of assault causing harm at Clanbrassil Street on September 12, 2018. He was also convicted of production of a wheel lock during a dispute.

The jury returned unanimous verdicts after just over three hours of deliberations. Khalel had pleaded not guilty to the charges and does not accept the jury verdicts.

Detective Garda Shane Monaghan told the court that when the two men got out of their vans after the dispute about each other’s driving and began shouting at each other. The victim got into his car and tried to leave but Khalel reached in through the passenger window and began punching the victim.

He then grabbed a wheel lock from the floor of the victim’s car. The victim got out of his car and Khalel swung the weapon repeatedly at him, striking his head, chin and finger.

A witness called gardaí and Dt Gda Monaghan said that when he arrived he found the two men standing there. The victim was bleeding from the head and chin and was brought to hospital where he stayed for around four days.

Khalel later presented voluntarily for questioning and told gardaí that he trying to protect himself.

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