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INVESTIGATION Three more gardai suspended in probe into alleged robbery of female Deliveroo driver

The probe started when an allegation was made by a female worker earlier this year that two men pertaining to be gardaí searched her

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December 21 2021 09:47 PM

Three additional Dublin based gardai have been suspended from duty this week as part of a criminal investigation into the alleged theft from a female Deliveroo driver in the city last September.

The garda anti-corruption unit has been investigating the case for almost three months and the three suspensions this week follow an officer being suspended in relation to the case last month when it emerged that the matter was a criminal investigation.

When contacted tonight a garda spokeswoman said: “A further three members of An Garda Síochána have been suspended from duty as part of an investigation into certain matters in north Dublin City Centre.

“As this is an ongoing investigation, An Garda Síochána has no further comment.”

Gardai said that they were unaware that the three latest arrests were directly linked to the alleged bogus use of search warrants by the suspended officers.

As part of the investigation it is understood that officers attached to the anti-corruption unit carried out a number of searches including in the garda station where the suspended officers are based where lockers are understood to have been examined.

Sources say that it is “likely” that there may be more suspensions in the coming weeks as part of the investigation.

The probe started when an allegation was made by a female worker earlier this year that two men pertaining to be gardaí searched her.   

During the incident, which happened on September 7, it was alleged that the plain clothed men informed her they were seizing her bicycle and took the keys to her apartment.

They then carried out a search of the property and a complaint was later made by the woman that an amount of money had been stolen.

An investigation was launched and an evo-fit of the two suspects alleged to be impersonating gardaí was circulated.

It later emerged that both men were serving garda members after one of them came forward about the incident and is understood to have said that he was on a legitimate search.

No record of the search was initially found on the internal Garda PULSE system but it is understood that it did appear on the system after the evo-fit had been sent around the station

Garda Headquarters said in October that it was carrying out a scoping exercise into the incident and a senior garda was appointed to oversee the inquiry.

But last month it emerged that this had been upgraded to a criminal investigation and that an officer has been suspended from duty.

The Dublin investigation comes as Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has constantly publicly defended a number of ongoing corruption investigations which has led to the criticism including from rank-and-file gardai about how the allegations are being handled.

One of the most high profile of these investigations is happening in Limerick and in October Commissioner Harris responded to criticism about how that probe is being conducted.

“We must make sure that people can trust on An Garda Siochana to be entirely trustworthy and honest in their dealings with them,” he said at the time.

“Any of these investigations we undertake are essential for public confidence in the organisation but also that they are expedited and dealt with as quickly as possible,” he added.

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