Drogheda Feud, ready to Erupt again: It is the Women who are now involved. They are even under Death Threats??? Gangland Ireland and Equality for Woman Gangland Wag. If you watched Kin…the hint is within as women come across as more contrived while their husbands are coke heads.

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‘SHOW OF FORCE’ Massive Garda operation in Drogheda as women face death threats from feuding gangs

In the latest incident a home occupied by a completely innocent family in St Finian’s Park was sprayed with gun fire

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December 22 2021 12:57 PM

Gardai are planning a massive operation in Drogheda over the Christmas period involving armed checkpoints in “hot spot areas” as tensions among feuding gangs in the Co Louth town threaten to spirial out of control yet again.

It comes as a number of people have been issued with GIM forms by gardai in recent weeks in the county including women – officially warned them of active threats against their lives.

“This will be a lockdown within a lockdown – there will be a show of force on the streets in the coming days,” a senior source said.

“There has been a request sent out for gardai to do overtime during the next couple of weeks as boots are needed on the ground to deal with this,” a senior source said.

“Particular attention will be given to two large housing estates – Moneymore and St Finian’s Park. “Past experience in the town shows that a lid must be put on this situation very quickly,” the source added.

In the latest incident a home occupied by a completely innocent family in St Finian’s Park was sprayed with gun fire when up to six shots were discharged at around 8.15pm.

This followed a petrol bomb attack in the same estate earlier this month in which a teenager and two adults were injured. The male adult who is aged in his 50’s received serious burn injuries in that incident which occurred around 2am on December 8.

He was a close friend of slain teenager Keane Mulready Woods and has been involved in a number of separate criminal disputes since his pal was brutally murdered almost two years ago.

The chief suspects for the gun attack are a criminal crew based in the Duleek area of Co Meath.

“The target was not in the house and even in the town when this incident happened. The gunmen must not have known this,” the source explained.

“His family are incredibly decent people and do not deserve this,” the source added.

Gardai are also dealing with a separate “very dangerous” situation in a town 25km from Drogheda.

Keane Mulready-Woods

Keane Mulready-Woods

This week a woman in her 40’s was one of those who was officially warned of a threat to her life after thugs used social media to demand €2,000 from her for a drugs debt that it is understood that she knows nothing about.

Sources say that severe threats have been continuing against the woman after the windows of her home were smashed in on two occasions – in late November and early December.

“This is pure drug intimidation – the threat level is very high and gardai will be keeping a close watch on that property,” a source

The recent rise in violence in the county comes after what was a very quiet year up until December for the deadly Drogheda feud which has claimed four lives.

Gardai under the command of Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan have had some major successes throughout 2021 and have arrested a staggering 120 people for drug dealing offences in the town of Drogheda alone under Operation Stratus.

“The general feud has been quiet enough this year because of this operation which is targeting drug dealers on a daily basis and the fact that many of the main protagonists are either in custody, abroad or dead,” the source explained.

“But what you are seeing now is separate disagreements breaking out among the criminals that are still in the area and plans are in place to deal with them,” the source added.

One of the main targets for gardai is a 47-year-old gangster based in Ardee who is a key member of the feuding faction led by Owen Maguire, the criminal who was paralyzed in a gun attack that ignited the Drogheda feud in 2018.

The 47-year-old is currently facing serious assault charges before the courts and previously was the criminal tasked wit sourcing cars for the Maguire gang to be used in shootings.

“He remains very active and is being closely watched,” the source added.

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