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Ian Bailey, his Ex-Wife and her Killer Son

Ian Bailey married Sarah Limbrick, a fellow journalist in Gloucester in 1980 when Bailey was 23, but they reportedly split up approximately five years later. That would be somewhere around 1985.

Sara Limbrick had a son named Jamie, born somewhere around 1986.

Ian Bailey moved to Ireland in 1991.

Sara’s son, Jamie Limbrick was 17 in September 2003 when he raped and murdered his 93-year old great-grandmother Marjorie Davis.

The pensioner’s body was found in her farmhouse in Gloucestershire, which had been badly damaged by fire. Jamie Limbrick had been staying at an outbuilding on the property at the time of the killing. His grandparents who owned the property were on holiday in Spain.

Jamie came home in the middle of the night and watched a porn film. The “sexually aroused” teenager failed in his attempts to find a sheep to satisfy himself before waking his elderly relative. He raped her, strangled her to death and set fire to the house. Jamie Limbrick then allegedly withdrew £250 from her account.

His great-grandmother’s charred remains were found the following morning by firefighters and an examination of her body linked the attack to her great grandson.

Apparently Jamie Limbrick suffered from a severe personality disorder. He was detained and assessed at the high security hospital, Broadmoor, where it seems he still resides.39 comments82% UpvotedLog in or sign up to leave a commentLog InSign Uplevel 1rachel-towns10 · 4 mo. ago

Oh. My. God. That is sickening.6level 1[deleted] · 4 mo. ago

He isn’t Ians son. The marriage was from 1979-198313level 2solasGael · 4 mo. ago

Do you know who the father is or anything about him.1Continue this thread level 2flopisitOp · 4 mo. ago · edited 4 mo. ago

There is nothing to suggest it isn’t Ian’s son.

We don’t know.

The papers say the marriage was in 1980 and lasted 5 years. Have you read the 1979-83 info anywhere? I’d just like to have some confirmation.0Continue this thread level 1solasGael · 4 mo. ago · edited 4 mo. ago

I thought the sheep comment was a joke but no, he apparently did look for a sheep before raping his great-grandmother.4level 11octo · 4 mo. ago

Fascinatingly dark story. Thanks for sharing it. Has the ex-wife ever come forward to speak about him?3level 2flopisitOp · 4 mo. ago

I think I read that she spoke to the police about Bailey….

I’m pretty sure she has never spoken to the media about Bailey or her son.2level 1Proverbsthirty1 · 4 mo. ago

I saw online that Ian Bailey is doing a world exclusive for Irelands Big Issue on 1st Sept. For the first time, his full story in his own words. Can’t wait to read it. Its online at from 1/9/213level 1Lazy_Pay_7265 · 4 mo. ago

Wow I’ve never heard this before? Source?2level 2flopisitOp · 4 mo. ago 1Proverbsthirty1 · 4 mo. ago

Ian Bailey this issue of Big Issue in Ireland2level 1Turbulent-Oil-2162 · 4 mo. ago

Birds of a feather.1level 1estreeteasy · 4 mo. ago

What???? How has this never been public? Is he IBs son?0level 2[deleted] · 4 mo. ago

It’s public. But he’s not IB son so he was only mentioned as the mother’s ex husband6Continue this thread level 1pukkapakka · 2 mo. ago

I went to school with Jamie (used to sit next to him). I remember the day he did it. He came i to town afterwards and told as many people as he could (proudly) what he had done. He even wrote graffiti saying ‘smoked me nan’ on a wall.

Jamie was always an outcast. He was heavily into drugs from a young age. He got more and more strange as he got older. I put this down to the drugs. He was always abusing his gran, using the house for parties and taking her money. He was quite open about it.

He was also a talented skater, entering the X-games at one point.1level 2RecordingDowntown956 · 2 mo. ago

I also went to school with him, before he was expelled because he was clearly very odd. I remember him always trying to psuedo-molest people and writing graphic notes about the girls in english classes. He didn’t last long.1More posts from the MurderAtTheCottage community14Posted byu/flopisit4 days agoTimeline: On this day in 1996: (22 Dec 1996)

22nd December 1996

“About 1:30am” – Ian Bailey arrived at the Murphys house with his friend Mark Murphy and Robert Shelley at about 1:30am according to Patricia Murphy. After about an hour Mark went to bed and she talked to Bailey for about another hour. (DPP)

“About 3:30am” – Bailey left the house, but after about two minutes he returned and asked if he could remain for the night, according to Patricia Murphy. (DPP estimates this was about 3:30am)

“About 6:00am” – Tony Doran [who was also staying the night in the Murphys house and was in bed] believes that Patricia Murphy retired at about 6am. (DPP)

Around 7:15am – Marie Farrell claims she was driving on the road outside Schull when she saw the mysterious man in the long black coat hitchhiking at Airhill. This was within 100m to 500m of the Murphys’ house. In 2012 she told GSOC this sighting took place around 6am. (Note: The reliability of Marie Farrell’s statements is very much in question)

Around 7:30am – Tony Doran said he thought he had heard someone leaving the Murphys house around 7.30am but he hadn’t heard anyone coming back. (From Michael Sheridan’s book)

“Morning” – Daniel Du Plantier claims he spoke to Sophie by phone and she told him of her decision to return to France on the 24th.

Before 2:00pm – Ian Bailey ate breakfast with the Murphys and was offered a lift back to The Prairie.

Before 2:00pm – Sophie drove from Toormore through Goleen and out towards Mizen Head, on the tip of the peninsula, where she went for a walk at Three Castle Head. 

Between 2:00pm and 4:00pm – Sophie visited a French-speaking couple, Thomas and Yvonne Ungerer, with whom she had become friendly on one of her previous visits. 

Around 4:00pm – Sophie drove to Crookhaven where she called into a bar and restaurant owned by Billy and Angela O’Sullivan. She ordered a pot of tea and chatted with them, the O’Sullivans estimate for an hour, then left and drove back to Dunmanus West.

After 2:00pm – Ian Bailey got a lift back to The Prairie. From the DPP: “Mark Murphy states that he drove Bailey home at about 2pm.” Jules says, according to the DPP: “around midday that Sunday 22nd December 1996 I met Mark Murphy’s van as I drove towards Schull and I saw Ian Bailey in front of the van and presumed that Mark was bringing him home to my place. I returned home from Schull and I spoke to Ian at home. He had shorts on him and he was going killing the turkeys for Christmas and me and the girls were stringing up the turkeys”.

DPP: While she was in custody, Jules Thomas was asked did you ever see blood on Ian’s clothes?She replied, “No. Except when he killed the turkeys on the Sunday. He returned to the house about lunch time from Schull. He did some jobs around the place. When he killed the turkeys he was wearing shorts. There was blood on them. I put them soaking in a tub outside under the drain pipe.”

In The Big Issue Bailey writes: “one of the turkeys kicked out as I tried to get its legs into a bailer twine loop. I received a light scratch to my head from one of the talons… I wore an old pair of rugby shorts for the job on the basis that it’s almost impossible to kill and bleed turkeys without a bit of blood getting displaced. The shorts were to be subsequently soaked in water and bleach in a bucket in the bathroom”.

Jules says, according to the DPP: “Ian and Saffi went down to cut the top off a Christmas tree for the Christmas. Following the cutting of the tree his forearms were scratched”.

From Ian Bailey in The Big Issue: “I climbed the 30ft tree bare, armed with and old bow saw and set about cutting the top 5 feet off. [Saffron] was with me throughout… in the process of which I got a few light scratch marks on my arms.”

Ginny Thomas said in her statement “I did see his hands scratched when he came down”. Saffron Thomas said in her statement: “I can verify as I was a witness to him receiving cuts and scratches to his hands, arms and legs from more specifically the cutting down of the tree… We had to kill three turkeys and in doing so Ian was cut by the turkey wings flapping when their heads were cut off.”

Saffron Thomas would later allegedly tell Mark McCarthy that it was she, and not Bailey, who had cut down the tree and he was lying if he said otherwise. She allegedly told her father, Michael Oliver, that Ian Bailey was “a lazy bastard” and that he did not even want to get them a Christmas tree and that she had to cut the tree and bring it into the house herself. (Note: The DPP in his report casts doubt on Michael Oliver’s statement).

When giving evidence in 2014, according to The Examiner: “Saffron Thomas… told the High Court her recollection was that Mr Bailey had killed turkeys at their home at The Prairie, Schull, on December 22, 1996 when she was in the vicinity, although not watching him. The turkeys were killed on the same day she and Mr Bailey cut down a Christmas tree and he must have had scratches from that, she said, adding there was no blood.”

5.30pm – Sophie tried to call her friend Agnes in Paris and left a message on the answering machine wishing her a happy birthday. 

6:00pm – A man passing by said he saw lights on upstairs and downstairs in Sophie’s house. (It was suggested elsewhere that this was a postman delivering something to Alfie’s house).

7.30pm Sophie telephoned Josephine Hellen, but Josephine’s daughter, Catherine, told her that her mother was not at home. She then rang a local tradesman, Pat Hegarty, who was also unavailable. 

“Sunday Night” – Ian Bailey says in The Big Issue: “On Sunday night after the turkeys had been gutted and plucked, we went in two cars to Schull where a number of bars had pre-Christmas music sessions. Jules and myself went to [the Courtyard Bar] and then on to [the Waterside] where there was a traditional session. With the invitation of a group of visiting musicians I had joined in with the bodhran and threw a few poems into the session.”

Venita Roche-Galvin, whose husband David owned the Waterside pub, told gardaí she had spoken to Bailey for 15 minutes and had not noticed any marks on his hands or face.  Musician Richard Tisdall told gardaí that Ian Bailey played the bodhrán with his group that night and he noticed that he had his sleeves rolled up to play the instrument but he saw no marks on his face and only one scratch on his hands, without specifying which hand.

9.10pm – Sophie again rang the Hellens and again spoke to Catherine, as Josephine had still not returned.

9.20pm – Sophie’s neighbour, Shirley Foster, was pulling the curtains before going to bed. She said she noticed that the outside light on the gable end of Sophie’s house was on.

9.45pm – Josephine Hellen had returned home, heard that Sophie had been looking for her and rang the house. She spoke with Sophie and they made arrangements to meet at noon the following day. They chatted for 15 minutes.

10:00pm – Alfie Lyons and Shirley Foster claim that, after watching a movie (A Few Good Men), they were in bed, asleep with the lights off by 10pm.

Between 10:30pm and 11:00pm (Irish Time) – Daniel claims he received a call from Sophie. He was in a work meeting and called her back about 12 minutes later. The conversation lasted a few minutes and he said it sounded like she was in bed about to go to sleep. (Nick Foster’s book places this between 11pm and midnight).

11:00pm – Chris Lynch, who had worked with Bailey in a fish factory in Schull for several months, told gardaí he saw him in the Galley Bar at about 11pm and spoke to him, but he again could not remember seeing any scratches on his hands or arms.

11:00pm-12:00am – Sisters, Bernie and Sinead Kelly, were both in the Galley Pub and near Bailey when he was playing the bodhrán and neither of them noticed any marks or scratches on his hands and face.

12:30am – Barman John McGowan, who served Bailey five times during the night, also did not notice any marks on his hands or face. The Barman says Bailey and Jules left around this time.

Does anyone have any more important details we can add to this timeline or corrections we should make?32

24th December 1996

Bailey’s first story appeared in The Star under the full page headline: “Woman is Battered to Death Yards From Home”.

“Morning” – Billy O’Regan said he was working in the shop in Lowertown creamery near Schull on the morning of Christmas Eve 1996 when Mr Bailey came in with a bow saw in his hand and went straight to the newspaper stand where he looked at The Examiner newspaper before putting it back. Mr O’Regan said Mr Bailey asked to have the blade on his saw changed because it was cutting crooked and would return to collect it later. Mr Bailey had scratches on his hands which might be got from cutting or clearing briars, he said. After Mr Bailey left, Mr O’Regan said he examined the saw blade which seemed good but he replaced it. Mr Bailey returned later and got briquettes, a bottle of bleach and feed for fowl.

2:00pm – State pathologist John Harbison arrived at the crime scene shortly before 2pm. This was almost 28 hours after the body had first been discovered.

“Afternoon” – Josephine Hellen was brought inside the house by detectives who were anxious to see if she noticed anything unusual about the interior.

Sophie’s husband, Daniel Du Plantier, claims that Sophie told him she would be returning to France on a flight arriving in Toulouse at 8pm on 24th December.

According to the DPP: “Ronan Collins and Dylan Fairbairn on 24 December 1996 were in Bailey’s house and neither noted the scratches on Bailey.”

25 December 1996

Sophie’s husband Daniel claims she was supposed to accompany him to Dakar to visit friends on the 25th.

Around 12:00pm – Ian Bailey was at Schull pier to watch the participants in the town’s traditional Christmas Day swim. Florence Newman video-taped Ian Bailey at the Christmas Day swim, reciting a poem. West Cork podcast: “Ian appears in shot wearing a long black coat and a wide-brimmed black hat.” (Camcorder timestamp 12:12pm). When she asks him to say a few words, Ian replies, “The only comment I have to make is you can talk to my lawyer and I put my trust in God”.

Florence Newman testified in 2015 that she saw scratches “like squiggles” on Mr Bailey’s right hand after he responded to her extending her hand to him to wish him a Happy Christmas. She said this happened after he recited a poem for her while she was filming. She agreed she made various statements to gardaí but none of those referred to scratches on Mr Bailey until one made in 2009. She denied someone later “put scratches into your head” and said she had spoken about them to friends in the days after seeing them. She said the reason she did not mention the scratches to gardaí at the time was because it was “out there a couple of days later” that he had scratches on his hand. She agreed Mr Bailey’s hands were visible in the video. “I knew when I shook hands with him that I got a fright.” The scratches struck her as unusual. She wondered how they got there. She said on the day Mr Bailey had his hands deep in his pockets before he took out his hand to shake hers. She denied that she had said this to convey that he was attempting to hide his hands. Mr Duggan showed a video tape to the jury in which Mr Bailey waves his hands around as he recited poetry. He said Mr Bailey’s hands were on display for all of Schull to see. Ms Newman agreed his hands could be seen in the video but said he then put them in his pockets.

Mark McCarthy, who saw Bailey and Jules Thomas at the Christmas Day swim in Schull… told gardaí he noticed a mark on Bailey’s right temple, which Bailey or Thomas said was sustained when he killed a turkey.

12:30pm – Marie Farrell called gardai for the first time to say she recognized the dead woman and that sophie had been in her shop that past Saturday afternoon [21st Dec]. At the same time, she claimed, she noticed a strange looking man [in a long black coat] standing across the street from the shop. The following morning, she claimed, she drove past the same guy, hitchhiking on the side of the road. GSOC makes reference to: information received on 25 December 1996 at 12:30 hours from Marie Farrell and the sighting of “a ‘weird looking character’ wearing a long black coat and black beret, short hair, sallow complexion and about 5’10” tall who she saw around Schull during the day on Saturday 21 December 1996 and the morning of Sunday 22 December 1996” (Note: The reliability of Marie Farrell’s statements is very much in question)

26th December 1996

Bailey’s story appeared in The Star under the headline: “Questions on Victim’s Final Hours”

“Miss Du Plantier had been beaten to death with a blunt instrument. A post-mortem revealed that she died of multiple head injuries and was not sexually assaulted” “Local farmer Finbar Hellen found her body while out checking his stock.”

(However, a front page article in the Irish Times dated 24 Dec 1996 had already reported “Her head had been battered by what appeared to be a blunt instrument”, “[her] head had been badly beaten several times with what seemed to be a heavy and blunt instrument” and “there did not appear to be any signs of sexual assault.”)

11:30am – Garda Kevin Kelleher and Det Garda Bart O’Leary from Bantry were in Brosnan’s Newsagents at 11:30am when they saw Ian Bailey looking for the previous day’s Irish Times and noticed that both his hands were cut. Ian Bailey was described as “pale and shook looking”. This was referenced in Job No 122 in the Garda Jobs Book. From the West Cork podcast: “The two officers both filed statements about this incident. They were in the newsagents… when Ian walked in. He drew attention to himself by barging his way to the counter. One described Ian as “unbelievably pale”, he was unshaven and his hair was in disarray. To me he was acting in a very unusual manner”. In the West Cork podcast, Bailey says: “I had gone into town on uh on I think, early in the morning, to get some messages, some briquettes and milk and I noticed I was being observed then by two officers.”

From Ian Bailey’s own account in The Big Issue: “Over the Christmas I was active on the story and went out to visit Alfie Lyons on St Stephens Day with supplies of milk and peat briquettes.” From Sophie A Murder in West Cork: “On 26th December, three days after the murder, Ian made his way around the back of Sophie’s house, which was still cordoned off, to Alfie Lyons’ house to deliver milk and briquettes, even though it transpired that Alfie hadn’t requested him to do that.”

There are allegations that Ian Bailey had a bonfire in the backyard of the Studio house on or around 26th of December. Ian Bailey and Jules both deny this.

From Sophie A Murder in West Cork: Louise Kennedy was out walking on the 26th, four days after the murder. “I went for a walk on 26th December, St. Stephen’s Day, and I saw a fire burning behind the studio.” There wasn’t anybody there but she saw the remains of a bonfire and a mattress burning. “I just thought it was unusual. I thought he was burning… maybe getting rid of evidence. I mean, I can’t say that. I’m not 100% sure. But that’s what I thought. That’s why, I suppose, I told the guards, maybe.”

From the West Cork podcast: “Delia Jackson says she had been out walking with her mum on or around Christmas day and they smelled the smoke and heard a fire coming from Ian’s backyard. They didn’t see it but they talked about it. They had a conversation about how strange it was… They just thought it was a curious time of year to have a bonfire… The reason Delia is so sure is she was working in London at the time and was only home for the Christmas holidays”

Brian Jackson said in a statement dated 7 Feb 1997 that Ian Bailey was burning something in the garden “on or about Christmas time”. “I smelt a fire and I heard it crackling. It smelt like a garden fire and it smelt like garden rubbish”. Brian Jackson testified at Bailey’s 2003 libel action at Cork Circuit Court that he had seen Bailey burning items in a separate fire out the back of the home he shared with Jules Thomas on St Stephen’s Day, 1996, three days after the killing. He said he had heard Bailey’s voice calling his dog, so was in no doubt as to who was tending the fire. Judge Moran in 2003 said he had accepted Mr Jackson’s evidence, backed up by another neighbour Louise Kennedy, who also saw the fire while out walking. Judge Moran said on the balance of probabilities, both witnesses told the truth, but added: “However, as to what was burning, this could have been branches or some kind of timber.”

In the West Cork podcast, the narrator says that Ian claimed in an interview with Gardai that the fire took place “no later than early december”. At the libel trial, Bailey remained adamant that no such fire ever occurred on St Stephens Day, saying “I did not have a fire. Jules did not have a fire. I have no knowledge of a [St Stephens Day] fire.”

In the Jim Sheridan documentary, Jules claims the fire was “in November or October even”. In the West Cork podcast she says the fire was in “October/November time” and claims they burned a mattress but didn’t burn any clothes or shoes. However, in her statement to Gardai when she was arrested on 10th Feb 1997 she said: “I wanted to clean out that place and tidy it up. I burned newspapers and clothes I used in my painting. I burned the mattress as well it was old and worn.”

Scene of Crime detective Eugene Gilligan says in the West Cork podcast that in the burned remains they found “shoe eyelets, clothing buttons, jeans, bits of bed clothing, parts of mattress, shoes”. In the Jim Sheridan documentary, he describes it as “furniture, bed furniture, beddings…” In the Netflix documentary, he says: “The bonfire site would have been two, three metres across, diameter. It was a major fire. I had a big old spoon, and I literally went through all the ash to see what was remaining within that fire scene. We removed big items, including, uh, mattress springs. Then I found small items from clothing. Buttons. Coat buttons. Jeans. Boots. There was… There was even boots. All the clothes that we thought he would be wearing that night, they were burned. My view at the time, why do you burn the beds, the bedding, your own clothing just outside your back door? And it was a fresh fire.”

Later, in Feb 1997, Ursula Jackson would find an axe head in her burn area. In her statement dated February 10, 1997 (another source says 4th Feb) Ursula Jackson told gardai:

“I burn all the household rubbish in a bonfire at the back of the house. The bonfire site that I am using now, I started using it with about two years. There was never a bonfire site before, it was started on a virgin site, so to speak. I have never seen the axe head I am giving you until last Saturday [February 8, 1997].” Mrs Jackson said she had built up a lot of rubbish over the previous Christmas, which she set alight on that date. She continued: “When the fire had burned down, I was raking through the rubble to remove any tin cans, iron, glass. It was when I was doing this I came across the axe head. I thought it unusual because I had not seen it before and I cannot recollect putting it on the bonfire. It was worrying me, the axe, in the light of recent events and particularly when I cannot recollect seeing it before. However, there is a lot of general rubbish in and around this place and it could have been lying around without me knowing it. We have an axe around the house but it is smaller than that axe. To me best knowledge, I have never seen that axe before and I did not put it in the bonfire and it is extremely unlikely that it was there when I started the bonfire or from a previous bonfire.”

27th December 1996

Ian Bailey was first formally nominated as a suspect for the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier by the Garda Síochána on the 27th December 1996. Riegel: “This was documented at Job No. 166 in the Garda Jobs Book for the murder along with a rationale involving what was known of Ian Bailey and his movements by gardaí at the time of the murder”. GSOC: “Job number 166 is dated 27 December 1996 and states “Ian Bailey and Catherine Thomas called to (a named person) on 27 December 1996”. It refers to a party which was cancelled. A named garda nominates Ian Bailey as a good suspect “from what he knew about him” “. Riegel: “The garda decision to nominate Mr Bailey as a suspect was largely based on the timing of Mr Bailey’s arrival at the scene and the fact that he had scratches on his hands.”

Marie Farrell made a statement to gardai dated 27 December 1996 in which she states (according to the DPP) that the man in the black coat she saw was approximately 5 foot 10 inches in height and of thin build. (Note: The reliability of Marie Farrell’s statements is very much in question)

28th December 1996

Bailey’s story appears in the Star under the full page headline: “Murdered Sophie’s Tangled Love-Life”

“Twice married Sophie TDP brutally murdered near her isolated hideaway used the home as her love nest. Locals said Sophie (38) brought a number of male companions to the West Cork holiday home. Gardai who found two used wine glasses in the kitchen want to know who was with her last Sunday night, hours before her murder. Filmmaker Sophie had planned to divorce her second husband Daniel and rejoin her first husband.”

“Filmmaker’s tangled love life sparks a new mystery. The complicated love life of murdered documentary filmmaker STDP was revealed last night. Miss Du Plantier whose badly battered body was discovered yards from her isolated holiday home near Schull West Cork on Monday made frequent visits to the area, often with different male companions. The 38-year old filmmaker had just decided to divorce her present husband Daniel who had been married three times and to rejoin her first husband. She used the white-painted converted farmhouse as a hideaway love nest, neighbours said. Sophie would often visit with a different man each time, one local asked not to be named said.”

Garda Kevin Kelleher and Det Garda Bart O’Leary visited The Prairie on 28th Dec 1996 to interview Ian Bailey.

DPP: “On 28 December 1996 Gda. O’Leary asked Bailey how he cut his hands and Bailey explained while cutting the top off a tree to make a Christmas tree. Bailey then took off his jacket and Gda. O’Leary noticed that the scratches were on the backs of both hands and up as far as both his elbows. Gda. O’Leary says that they were not cuts only scratches and they were healing up.” According to the French prosecutors, “When questioned during the neighbourhood investigation carried out by An Garda Síochána on 28th December 1996, Ian BAILEY insisted that he did not know the victim and that he had never met her.”

An entry in the Garda Jobs book, Job number 135, dated 28 December 1996 states, “Have full background done on Ian Bailey, Ph (xxx) xxxxx”. It is noted that “Ian Bailey is friend, associate of [a named person] and calls to him on and off”. A note was added to this entry on 2 January 1997, indicating the job was passed to another garda “as Bailey is [Suspect] No.7”.

Bruno Carbonnet was interviewed by French police in consultation with the gardai on December 28, 1996 in Rouen. His statement included details about his last interactions with Sophie.

“The last time that I went to this house in Ireland was during the summer of 1993. My affair with Sophie finished in Christmas 1993… The last occasion that I have seen her again was at a burial in Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris in March 1994. We had by then finished (our) relationship,” he told police. The last contact Mr Carbonnet had with Sophie was via telephone in November 1996 when he asked her to loan him back a painting of his which she had bought. He was planning an exhibition the following January (1997) and needed the work for the show. Mr Carbonnet told police the first he heard of Sophie’s death was in a phone call from a mutual French friend on Christmas Day 1996.”10 comments3Posted byu/Electronic-Fun41463 days agoA new hope…4 comments2Posted byu/fordroader1 day agoHas Anyone Wondered If…

The husband had something to do with it?8 comments2Posted byu/AJCrank19783 days ago‘Witness claims Bailey did not deny being seen near Toscan du Plantier murder scene’ (+ Gardaí to interview Frenchman ID’ed by Marie Farrell)…3 commentsContinue browsing in r/MurderAtTheCottage

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