Omicron: We must decide in Real Time which is basically rolling out by the hour. On the Shoulders of Giants advice below. COVID-19 has stolen almost 2 years of our lives (globally) but we must keep on going with the aim of defeating it. The vaccines ARE the saviours but so are the much recited methods of mitigation towards infections. Vaccine Apartheid shows our moral compass is way off kilter. We need equality, equinimity, and compassion.

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Dr. Tom Frieden @DrTomFrieden · How to save lives in 2022:

1—Make decisions based on real-time data

2—Communicate effectively: ‘Be first, be right, be credible’

3—Build trust

4—Protect health care workers

5—Vaccinate the world

6—Find and stop threats quickly

7—Make the world safer by investing in preparedness

Dr. Tom Frieden @DrTomFrieden

Plain facts about masks

-(Almost) any mask lots better than none especially for people around you (bandanas/balaclavas, not)

-Snug mask worn regularly is most important -Triple-ply cloth good

-Procedure/surgical may be better -KN95 next -N95 best (other than specialized medical) 2:32 AM · Dec 28, 2021·Twitter Web App

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