I do not Agree with the Headline here, from the Government’ s Buddy, the Indo? For such a small Country, these numbers of Murders, Murder- Suicides, Domestic Murders, and Gangland thuggery and murder covering every nook and cranny of our Island, one has to Ask, are the Gardai Fit for Purpose?? These Numbers are Shocking???

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Homicides fall by more than 30pc as gangland crackdown thwarts killings

Patrick Lyons was shot dead last February

Patrick Lyons was shot dead last February

December 29 2021 02:30 AM

Homicide in Ireland was down more than 31pc this year compared to 2020 figures, with only one gangland style murder notable as part of the reason for the drop in numbers.

In 2021 there were 22 homicides compared to 32 last year.

There were seven deaths attributed to assault, nine people were stabbed, four were shot, one died in a suspicious fire, and one was apparently suffocated.

The oldest person to die a suspicious death was 88 and the youngest was 16 years old.

Of those that died by suspected homicide 15 were males (68pc) and seven were females (32pc).

In 14 of the cases people have been charged, while in five of the deaths the persons believed to have been the killers took their own lives.

In only two of the homicides (9pc) this year there have been no arrests.

Only one of the homicides falls into the bracket of gangland killing this year. The shooting of Patrick Lyons (44) in Poppintree in Dublin on February 11 bore the hallmarks of a gangland execution but the victim himself was not involved in gangland crime.

Lyons, a father of two, was targeted near his home and shot a number of times in the Belclare estate in Poppintree, north Dublin.

Known locally as Pappy, he had struggled with addiction during his life and gardaí believe he may have been killed as part of a local dispute.

Statistically there has been a rise in the number of murders within families in recent years, and in 2021 there were five people who were killed by a family member or partner who then went on to take their own lives. This is almost 23pc of the homicide deaths this year.

These were Paddy (60) and Willie Hennessy (66) who were killed in Cork in February by their brother John; and mother and son Eileen (56) and Jamie O’Sullivan (24) who were killed in Kerry in September. Eileen’s partner Mossie O’Sullivan (63), who was Jamie’s father, then took his own life.

Just last week Daniel Duffy (88) was found dead after being apparently smothered by his son Damien who then took his own life at their home in Letterkenny in Co Donegal.

Gangland murders have been a consistent factor in homicide figures in Ireland in recent years, with various violent feuds each leading to a high number of casualties.

Feuds involving gangs in Dublin, Louth and Limerick in recent years have seen homicide numbers soar.

There were 39 homicides in 2017, and 42 in 2018 at the height of the Kinahan/Hutch feud which has claimed the lives of 18 people.

That feud escalated dramatically with the murder of David Byrne in the Regency Hotel in February 2016.

As gardaí got to grips with the situation, and gang members were either imprisoned or fled the country, the numbers of deaths decreased, which was reflected in the figures for 2019 (34) and 2020 (31).

There have also been a high number of so-called ‘garda interventions’, where hitmen have been thwarted as they were about to carry out a murder. There were 20 such interventions in 2016 and 26 in 2017 as the Kinahan/Hutch feud flared.

Such interventions are still a factor in reducing potential homicide numbers and there are a number of gang feuds simmering in the country at the moment.

“The strategies adopted by the Garda Síochána in recent years with regard to tackling threat to life incidents associated with organised crime, combined with success achieved in the investigation of murder and attempt to murder linked to such criminal activity, has given rise to a significant number of prosecutions that have resulted in convictions,” said Assistant Garda Commissioner John O’Driscoll, who has lead responsibility for tackling organised and serious crime. “This has undoubtedly contributed to a considerable decrease in the number of homicides that have occurred in Ireland, this year and in recent years,” he added.

Covid lockdowns have also been a factor in a drop in crime, with less movement and interaction of people.

Homicides in Ireland in 2021

Jan 3 – Mark Loughlin (29) from Edenderry assaulted at Allenwood South. One man charged with murder.

Jan 20 – Urantsetseg Tserendorj (48) stabbed at Custom House Quay, Dublin 1. Died on February 3. Teen boy charged with murder.

Jan 26 – Josh Dunne (16) stabbed in East Wall, Dublin. One man charged with murder.

Feb 10 – Sharon Bennett (29) assaulted in Ennis. Died 13 days later at University Hospital Limerick. One man charged with murder.

Feb 4 – Mary O’Keeffe (72) whose body was discovered in a blazing car at a remote Cork woodland. One man charged with murder.

Feb 11 – Patrick Lyons (44) shot dead in Belclare, Poppintree, Dublin. No charges.

Feb 25 – Paddy Hennessy (60) found beaten to death with axe on family farm in Mitchelstown, Cork. Brother John took his own life.

Feb 25 – Willie Hennessy (66) found beaten to death with axe on family farm in Mitchelstown, Cork. Brother John took his own life.

March 29 – Isaac Horgan (52) stabbed at Markievicz House in Dublin. One man charged with murder.

April 7 – Jan Prochazka (36) stabbed in Newbridge, Co Kildare. One man charged with murder but subsequently died.

April 17 – Jennifer Poole (24) stabbed in Finglas, Dublin. One man charged.

April 29 – Kwok Ping Cheng (77) beaten with axe and hammer in flat off Cork Street in Dublin. One man charged.

June 7 – Attack on Charles McCaughley (60s) in Fairview, Dublin. Died on June 26. No charges.

June 20 – Harry Sheeran (66) stabbed in attack at Firhouse, Dublin. One man charged.

August 10 – Fatal stabbing of Ademola Giwa (25). One man charged.

August 27 – Conor O’Brien (19) found shot dead in Enfield, Co Meath. One man charged.

Sept 7 – Eileen O’Sullivan (56) shot by her partner Mossie in Lixnaw, Co Kerry.

Sept 7 – Jamie O’Sullivan (24) shot by his father Mossie in Lixnaw, Co Kerry.

Nov 4 – Fabíole Câmara (33) stabbed at Charlestown, Finglas in Dublin. One man charged.

Nov 24 – Christopher Hall (65) found dead at home in Balbriggan, Dublin. He had been assaulted. Nobody has been charged.

Dec 23 – Daniel Duffy (88) found suffocated at home in Letterkenny, Co Donegal. Son Damien took his own life.

Dec 24 – Zeinat Bashabsheh (42) found stabbed at a house in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow. One man charged.

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