A Family in total Denial, well their Sister is facing a long time in Jail, plenty of time to Repent??? Then we have Randy Andy, the Darkness??

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Ian Maxwell: My sister Ghislaine subjected to outrageous six-month wait for sentence

  11 hrs ago

Ian, left, and Kevin Maxwell outside the courthouse in New York where Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted - Stephanie Keith/Bloomberg© Stephanie Keith/Bloomberg Ian, left, and Kevin Maxwell outside the courthouse in New York where Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted – Stephanie Keith/Bloomberg

Ghislaine Maxwell may have to wait up to six months before she is sentenced for child sex trafficking, her family complained on Friday night.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Ian Maxwell said that his sister remained in limbo, “banged up in isolation and on suicide watch” until the US courts complete a lengthy investigation into her personal circumstances.

That may include even searching for evidence of her University of Oxford degree, he said.

No appeal can be heard until she is sentenced after being found guilty on five counts relating to her involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire financier who killed himself in a New York jail in 2019 while awaiting child sex charges.

Mr Maxwell said he hoped that she would be freed on appeal, but if that failed then she could be sent back to the UK to serve her sentence in a British prison. Any lengthy sentence could see his younger sister die in prison.Ian Maxwell, right, with his mother Elizabeth, sister Ghislaine and father Robert at a party in 1990 - Bridgeman Images© Provided by The Telegraph Ian Maxwell, right, with his mother Elizabeth, sister Ghislaine and father Robert at a party in 1990 – Bridgeman Images

He said: “Our lawyers are telling us that sentencing could take anywhere between three and six months. That is extraordinary. They have to ring Oxford and check she has a degree and God knows what else, and because it’s overseas it just takes time.

“It won’t be less than three and could be six months, and she will remain in the detention centre banged up on this regime of suicide watch. It is just outrageous. Even if we get the appeal sorted out, it won’t be heard until the sentencing is completed.

No date has been set for sentencing, which is likely to be the last ruling by Alison Nathan, the judge, after she was recently promoted to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals by Joe Biden, the US president.

Mr Maxwell maintained that his sister was a victim of a “shocking” miscarriage of justice, whose prosecution had been driven in part by a “strong misogynistic element”. 

He added: “She is doing Epstein’s time and that is just wrong. It is a whipped-up fury decided by the court of public opinion.”Ghislaine Maxwell: read more© Provided by The Telegraph Ghislaine Maxwell: read more

Mr Maxwell said that his sister had been scapegoated for Epstein’s crimes and that her close friendship with the Duke of York had made her an obvious target for law enforcement after Epstein was found dead in his cell.

“I do understand that Andrew, because of who he is, shines a megawatt of light upon the whole affair. And because there cannot be a law for the knobs and a law for the poor, they have to investigate,” he said.

He said that the Duke was never going to testify on Maxwell’s behalf because he “would have opened himself up to cross-examination”, adding: “And we know from his performance with [Emily] Mailtlis [on Newsnight] that he’s not quick on his feet.”

Mr Maxwell said that his sister was “unfit to testify” herself because of the “regime” she was subjected to while on remand in a detention centre in Brooklyn that included being woken up every 15 minutes while on suicide watch and being held “in shackles” prior to each court appearance.

He said she could not “participate meaningfully” in her own defence, giving her grounds for appeal.

Asked if he feared she would now die behind bars, Mr Maxwell said: “I think she is going to get out of jail. I think there will be a powerful appeal mounted and I think she will be vindicated. We have to wait for the sentence and I am not holding my breath.”

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