Lyons the Convicted Sex Offender, lives the Life in Portugal???

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Sex predator Anthony Lyons who rugby tackled victim lists Portuguese pad as home


Convicted sex offender and millionaire airline boss Anthony Lyons has listed a Portuguese coastal property as his residence, company records reveal.

According to the latest annual return of his company Interfirst Capital, 60-year-old Lyons has changed his listed address from his Griffith Avenue mansion in Dublin to a property in the seaside suburb of Cascais outside Lisbon.

Lyons was jailed in 2012 following a Dublin Circuit Criminal Court trial which heard how the aviation businessman and father-of-four, attacked his victim just yards from his Dublin home, creeping up behind her to ask, ‘Are you going to get home safely?’ before rugby-tackling her into bushes.

He put his hand over her throat and mouth before sexually assaulting her but was caught when he left his umbrella at the scene and was identified by his victim.

Anthony Lyons’ house on Griffith Ave, Dublin. Pic: Fran Veale.

He was sentenced to six years in 2012, but with five-and-a-half of these suspended.

The State later successfully appealed his ‘unduly lenient’ original sentence and Lyons was jailed for a further 13 months in 2014.

The businessman was also ordered to pay €75,000 compensation to the victim as part of a settlement package which, it later emerged, came to a total of €200,000.

Lyons is now again connected to companies with millions in assets.

Anthony Lyons.

The violent predator had headed up the aviation company Santos Dumont, owned with his wife Eileen, but he stepped aside when he was charged with the attack.

However, he is now a listed as a director of a company called Interfirst Capital, which had equity of almost €800,000 last year.

According to company records, Interfirst Capital also had ‘transactions with other connected parties’ Tailwind Investments Limited. The amount ‘receivable at the end’ of 2020 was €835,076.

Records say Tailwind is ‘a connected party as director Tony Lyons is the controlling party’.

Businessman Anthony Lyons Pic: Collins Courts

Lyons’ brother Justin, who has an address in the UK, and daughter Melissa, with an addresses in Dubai and Griffith Avenue, are listed as directors at Tailwind. The equity ‘attributable to the owners’ of this company was close to €15million last year.

In the most recent company records filed for Interfirst Capital, the sex attacker has listed his address outside Lisbon, a detached house on the corner of a tree-lined street near the coast.

Lyons has continued to live an affluent lifestyle following his violent attack on his victim.

Lyons was pictured relaxing at a five-star resort in Dubai while he was waiting the DPP appeal of his initial sentence.

The millionaire businessman was also previously pictured removing top-of-the-range golf clubs from his Mercedes at Portmarnock Driving Range in Dublin following his sentence.

City of Cascais near to Lisbon in Portugal

Friends of Lyons’ victim revealed the full horror of the assault and her family’s agony following the original six-month jail terms.

The 26-year-old woman had been chatting on her mobile while walking to her parents house when a man came up behind her and asked if she would be okay to get home.

Lyons then tackled her to the ground and began his assault.

As the man struggled to remove her underwear she managed to phone gardaí. The attack continued until passers-by scared Lyons off.

Gardaí arrived and suggested patrolling the area with the victim and within minutes she spotted a man with a balding head, a distinctive walk – and a suit soiled with mud. ‘That’s him,’ she cried.

Attempts to contact Anthony Lyons at his Dublin and Lisbon addresses were unsuccessful.

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