COVID-19 has given us a horrid two years of intrusion into our private lives’ and it has been global. However, this must never be at the cost to our basic civil rights. Laws must be rolled back when COVID-19 becomes endemic which is likely to be in 2022. Be watchful.

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Metropolitan Police @metpoliceuk  20 hr

Taskforce Officers were out recently doing drug swabs in Shoreditch as part of a wider operation to ensure the night time economy is a safe place for all….

Is this legal?
Metropolitan Police @metpoliceuk · Partnerships and intervention are key to supressing violence – and that’s exactly what we’re working on. We’ve also stepped up the police presence in crime hot spots and continue to target violent offenders including organised criminal networks.
Metropolitan Police @metpoliceuk · Calls to @CrimestoppersUK are never traced, computer IP addresses are never tracked, and personal information is never requested. Do you have information that could save lives? Call 0800 555 111 or go to


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