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Did you have anything to do with the murder of
Sophie Toscan?
Absolutely not
Would you be
prepared to take
a lie detector test
by an approved
In principle no, I
have been advised
by my solicitor for a
number of reasons
that I should not
do so. The primary
reason is that it is
not definitive in any
way, doing it has no
evidentiary value
in Ireland and for
that reason I am
for once taking my
solicitors advice.
Were you ever asked by the Garda to take one?
No, for the same reason it would have no
evidentiary value.
You realise it is in common
use in the USA as they
reckon an experienced
tester can quickly establish
if a person is not telling
the truth. It aids their efforts
in eliminating suspects and moving
forward in an investigation. The fact that you
are unwilling to submit to this in some people’s
minds adds credence to their impression that
you have something to hide, what would you say
to this?
No, I have nothing to hide.
In your series of articles you made reference to
the second arrest
of Jules when you
said “Jules had
been subjected
to a gruelling
accusation that
she was somehow
covering for me.”
But Jules provided
a false alibi for you
for 6 weeks. Why
did she do that?
Absolute nonsense,
you know during my
first arrest I was told
by the Gardaí that
she had reluctantly
accepted that I might
have had something to
do with it, which she
never said.

She did say she spent the night with you.
Ah! She made various statements and we know that
some of the statements were subject to
verbaling procedures (things that
were either added or omitted from
the statements by the Gardaí).
On the night in question we
got home, we both went to bed
together, I got up at some point,
went downstairs to the kitchen table
to finish an article I had to deliver to
the Sunday Tribune for the Christmas edition,
I went back to bed then got up sometime later around
nine or ten and made coffee for her and went down to
my office.
Did you tell the Gardaí initially that you never
they told her I was a
very dangerous and strange
man who preformed poetry read-
ings with dancing naked lesbians
under a full moon…”
On conclusion of his series of articles, Ian Bailey answers a number of questions put to him in a live interview with Ireland’s Big Issue editor Sean Kavanagh.
Ian Bailey: In Response
22left the bedroom on the night?
The funny thing is, I told the Gardaí that I got up out of
bed, to finish the article, I was brutally honest, I didn’t
have to say that.
But at the beginning you didn’t say that?
Ehh? I did say I spent the night there, which I did, but
later I elaborated on it, and it caused me a lot of grief; I
gave them an excuse to question my alibi, but I was being
But, for six weeks Jules also said you were in bed
with her all night?
Yes, but she was unaware that I got up to go downstairs.

It has also been said that you left Jules in bed
for a couple of hours and went to the studio,
50 metres away from the main house. Can you
see why people find it odd that you go to a cold
shack-like building in the depths of winter, in
the middle of the night to finish an article?
Again that’s nonsense I never said that.
Is it true that Jules tried to talk her daughter
Fenella into changing her statement (relating
to your movements on the morning of Sophie’s
body being found)?
I think that was said, but it is nonsense, we didn’t go
Why would Fenella say that?
I couldn’t answer that, you’d have to
ask her, I have no idea. What I
can tell you, in her original
statement she said she got
up and heard me snoring.
When she was arrested in
2002, and subject to a grueling
interrogation, the Gardaí got her to
alter the statement that she heard me snoring.
Regarding that morning, Fenella said that you
and Jules were missing for a couple of hours.
Which is nonsense and untrue.
Why would she say that?
Again, I couldn’t answer that question, you would have
to ask her.
Its been suggested that the crime scene wasn’t
secure and you visited it on the morning of
Sophie’s murder (the 23rd), and that may be the
reason Fenella’s statement that Jules and you
were missing for a couple of hours that morning
was problematic for you both; what would you
say to that?
Nonsense, my understanding is that the
body was discovered by a neighbour,
Shirley Foster, sometime after ten
and she got her partner Alf Lyons to
contact Gardaí and they arrived quickly;
as I recall around 10.45 and from that point the
scene was secured. Incidentally when I called to Alf that
day, he had an injury to his arm which was bandaged, he
told me he had been bitten by an neighbour’s dog he was
looking after, I didn’t see the dog, he later told a Garda
that it was an old wound.
Did the guards follow up on it?
I don’t know, I’m unaware whether they did or not.
In the Netflix documentary James Camier
“I believe a sample of
male DNA was found on her
shoe, it clearly wasn’t my DNA.”
Editors Note
Three months ago, after various court cases,
podcasts, two major documentaries and many
column inches written about him, I asked Ian Bailey
if he would be interested in telling our readers – in
his own words – HIS story and the events that led to
him been declared in the media as the prime suspect
in the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier. The DPP
deemed the evidence insufficient to warrant bringing
him to court in Ireland.
In the previous four editions Mr. Bailey told us his
story. It was agreed with Mr. Bailey that he would
answer any questions put to him on conclusion of
the series.

As many of the questions in relation to his
involvement in the case were answered in the course
of his articles, I did not see the need to ask the
questions he has already answered, but concentrated
on issues that needed clarity. The following is the
I might add that Mr. Bailey answered all questions
without hesitation and did not request or receive any
payment for the articles he wrote.
23who died in 1998 stated to the Gardaí that he
met Jules Thomas on Monday, December 23rd
1996, between 11am and 11.30am and she told
him you were reporting on the murder, which
contradicts yours and Jules’ evidence – that you
only learned of the murder at 1.40pm – which
would seem to tie in with you both being out of
the house that morning. What would you say to
That happened on the
Tuesday, his statement
was incorrect and his wife
Geraldine said in her
statement that if James
did say Monday, he made
a mistake. It was the
following day, Tuesday
that this conversation took
That was something
not mentioned on
The Netflix documentary
was a self-serving,
demonising propaganda
piece, partly produced by the family and was a spoiler
documentary to Jim Sheridan’s objective 5-part series
Evidence apparently went missing, and
remaining evidence showed no other DNA apart
from Sophie’s – something very unusual in a
violent crime. What are your thoughts on that?
Well actually, I think that is technically untrue, as I
believe a sample of male DNA was found on her shoe,
Was it enough to get a
Well it didn’t match
mine, it clearly wasn’t
my DNA.
Do you think guards were involved
in a cover-up?
They were involved in trying to frame me for a crime
I had nothing to do with, they failed to frame me in
Ireland as the so called evidence was five times rejected
by the DPP, but they did succeed in getting me framed
in France where statements which, had long been
withdrawn or rejected, were read into evidence.
How do you feel about Marie Farrell who
recanted her statement, which was pivotal to
placing you near the scene of the murder?
Well the Gardaí convinced her I was the murderer,
they told her I was a very dangerous and strange man
who preformed poetry readings with dancing, naked
lesbians at Barleycove beach under a full moon. They
manufactured her statement to suit a false narrative.
Have you had any
communication with her since?
Has she apologised to you?
I’ve had limited communication with
her. I’ve long forgiven her trespasses
against me, they put her under
immense pressure, they manufactured
statements, prewrote them and got her
to sign them. I’ve long forgiven her.
Ian, why have you (allegedly)
confessed to the murder several
Now no no. On that point I think the
best reference is in the DPPs 2001
critique, where Robert Sheehan refers
to my alleged informal admissions, where he said clearly
it was an example of Bailey’s dark humour and sense of
irony, they were not confessions.
Sophie said she was going to Ireland to meet
with a writer about a poetry project; given that
you are a poet and live not too far away, you can
see why people believe it was you.
I don’t know anything about that.
Did you ever meet her
to discuss poetry or
anything of that nature?
I was never introduced to her,
never met her, didn’t know who
she was or had any conversation
with her.
Why do you think she came out with that
I don’t know that she did, all I know, or heard is that
there was some reference in a diary, she may well have
known who I was.
Her neighbour Alfie Lyons said that you met her.
“I’m totally sympathetic to
Sophie’s family, but I had nothing to do
with the cause of their suffering. I think it’s
just the saddest, saddest tragedy.”
24In a statement in 1997 he said he was 90% sure I had
met her at some point, that was untrue, at the time Mr.
Lyons was facing a charge for growing a large amount of
a certain plant which was illegal.
Are you intimating that he could have been
compromised and thus made that statement to
the Gardaí?
He could very
well of been, it
happened with
Marie Farrell.
What do you
think might
have happened
the night
that resulted
in Sophie’s
No idea at all,
but looking
through the
forensics, the
contents of her stomach reveal some muesli, she could
well of had breakfast before being disturbed.
It was fruit and nuts apparently, a common
evening snack with wine, especially for a French
I also saw in the crime scene photos a knife stuck halfway
through a loaf of bread, that could indicate she was in
the middle of making something.
Also in the statement the
first guards on the scene
indicated that the blood
on her body wasn’t
congealed, indicting that
her death may have been
later that suspected.
I think it could indicate that it was around 7am; that ties
with a sighting of a mystery blue car which was seen
speeding away from the direction of the crime scene at
around 7.30 am on the morning of her murder.
Who do you think may have played a part in her
Don’t know, but you may well ask who benefited. Her
estranged husband, I was told by French journalists at
the time was in financial difficulties and a costly divorce
was on the horizon, he didn’t come to Ireland with the
rest of the family to identify the body, many thought
that was strange. I was also informed by a detective that
a substantial insurance settlement was coming his way
as a result of Sophie’s death. The guards were also not
allowed to properly interview him at the time?
There have also been very strong rumours for a long
time in the area
that a member
of the Gardaí
was involved, I
am not going
to name that
person, as there
has never been
any proof of
Was he
part of the
Not to my
Ian, you refer to Sophie as “the victim” a lot,
which language analysts determine is a way of
distancing oneself from a crime if someone is
guilty, what do you say to that?
I have no comment to make on that, clearly she was a
victim and clearly there are other victims, like the family
and I would say Jules, our families and myself.
What would you say to Sophie’s
family and the public?
I’m totally sympathetic
to Sophie’s family, but I
had nothing to do with
the cause of their suffering. I
think it’s just the saddest, saddest
tragedy. I know there are people here in
Ireland who know I have nothing to do with it and wish
they had the courage to come out and acknowledge that
I was the innocent party who was cast in a false narrative
What would you say to the Gardaí?
Just to have the courage to Admit it was not me.

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