Maybe the Ghosts of De Valera and Haughey are back, as a Fox to Haunt Martin, for Destroying the FF Party???

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Exterminator reports ‘rogue fox’ urinated in Department of the Taoiseach, and dead rats were found in Leinster House car park

Dáil wildlife also includes moth infestations, fouling pigeons, and overgrown vegetation 

Exterminators were called in after a dead rat was
                  discovered in the Leinster House car park

Exterminators were called in after a dead rat was discovered in the Leinster House car park

Ken Foxe

January 06 2022 02:30 AM

The denizens of Leinster House have been urged to keep their office windows closed at night – because of a rogue fox that has urinated in the neighbouring Department of the Taoiseach.

Exterminator reports said foxes were coming to feed on food debris from skips in an area of the Oireachtas buildings called the Fisheries Yard.

A “strong smell” of fox urine was noted at the site, with advice given for the skips to be tightly closed off and for the area to be thoroughly washed down.

The inspection report said it was especially important all windows would be kept shut in the evenings, because this “presented easy access for unwanted pests”.

“A fox was noted in a neighbouring property [Government Buildings] only recently and it urinated all over an office,” it said.

The report was one of dozens dealing with moth infestations, dead rats, fouling pigeons, and overgrown vegetation across the Leinster House complex and its surrounding buildings.

Details released under FOI reveal how the Oireachtas spent almost €65,000 on pest control services between January and mid-November of last year.

Reports from March detail a flurry of activity around the Leinster House campus amid reports of the wandering fox and rats digging holes.

One call-out came after a dead rat was discovered in the car park. “Heavy burrowing” had been reported in the area.

An inspection report said: “Dead rat was removed for disposal, and rat burrow holes were also treated with rodenticide and thoroughly back-filled with soil and gravel to stop any non-target species gaining access to this area.”

Later that month, exterminators also found what was described as “overgrown vegetation” in the courtyard of the Leinster House 2000 building.

In April, there were suspicions that a nest of wasps had established itself near the security office at Merrion Square. However, when pest controllers came, just one was seen crawling under a fascia board.

Fred says maybe this is a little reality time for our over-paid Government and Public Sector. Yes our earnings far exceed what we expected but the question is why? Some could say that there is a miser policy in play and the game is pay for nothing and blame the Pandemic. Oliver Bond flats and others are infested with rats and nobody has cared for years. We wonder why?

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